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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tripp Palin Rebukes Aunt's Filthy Weeblesexual Lifestyle

Many of you remember that day a couple of years ago when Sister Mrs. Pastor Anderson righteously crowed about how well she was training up her children in the ways of the Lord. Glorious globules of viscous pride sputtered from every pore as she breathlessly related this exchange between two of her children:
John (4 years old): Barack Obama, and the devil, and the government are worser than anything else in the world.

Isaac (5 years old): Mom, John actually told me that he thinks Barack Obama is worse than the faggots.
Sister Sarah and her immaculately revirgined daughter, Bristol, must have been just as proud after Bristol's son, 3-year-old Tripp, uttered these words to his aunt on national television:
Go away you faggot.
But as expected, The young Palin's bold declaration of heterosupremacy prompted leaders of the homosexualist community to publicly question the Palin family's approach to parenting, and, sadly, Bristol walked back Tripps words, claiming he actually said:
Go away you fuck it.
Hmmm. That doesn't really make sense. Maybe there's a punctuation problem there. Let's try this:
Go away! You fuck it!
That makes more sense. Obviously young Tripp was rebuking his aunt for having an improper relationship with one of his Weebles.

Kudos to the Palins for training up Tripp in the ways of the Lord.

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