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Friday, August 03, 2012

It Ain't Easy Being A Christian Head of Household

It ain't easy being a Christian head of household. A righteous HOH explains:
I let my wife make the everyday decisions, like what's for dinner, and what she wants to do for fun. But any of the major things, like disciplining the kids, I decide. This takes quite a burden off of her, but she doesn't always agree with my decisions.

She thinks I am being too lenient on the kids and I have to explain my reasons to her. She doesn't think it's fair when she gets punished for an argument with our oldest son, but he doesn't get punished. Sometimes, she jumps in and aggravates the situation while I am trying to teach a lesson. I have to tell her she never gets disciplined for what our son does, but rather for her actions in the situation.

Being the HoH means I take charge in any family situation that I see getting out of hand. I step in and what I say goes. I now require my wife to say, "Yes Sir", any time I use her name and tell her to do something. This has worked wonders for her understanding that I am in control of the situation and she must obey. This requires her immediate submission to my authority and puts her in a submissive mindset. This has also caused a favorable response in the kids, even though I do not require them yet to say, "yes sir". My wife is now setting a good example and the kids will soon follow. The entire family now knows that I am in charge and what I say goes. There is no longer any attempt to "convince Mom" into getting their way.
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An exciting update from my hometown paper:

Boyd's thoughts are clouded with weed again:
A group of college students and their instructor come out to learn about Medushead Rye on Boyd Udy’s ranch. It was only a small spot, but it will still be sprayed. This patch was a good example of the weed and easily accessible to weed control sprayers. Boyd says he is proud of the conservation district for coming out and really investigating the weed situation, then doing something about it.
Jim and Starr Mitchell have had a busy summer:
They haven’t done any fishing, but are looking forward to the bookmobile next week.
But the heat isn't stopping the Wheatleys from getting out and about:
Laura Wheatley and daughters joined Laura’s friend from college and her children for a swim in the Brigham City pool.
Winnie is running around like a calf on castration day:
On Saturday, Winnie received a call from Rick Mitton in Plymouth. He is training a Double S Bar horse for Dan Keetch. This horse needed some pictures taken of it for AQHA registration. Winnie hopped into her car, drove to Plymouth, took the pictures and then drove down to Brigham City to get them developed at Walmart.

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