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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Leah Dons her Naughty Pantaloons

My friend, Christian domestic discipline romance novelist Leah Kelley, disappeared from the intertubes shortly after I last spoke to her four years ago. Thankfully, I stumbled onto one of her postings last night. It sounds like she's doing very well:
So now on cold days I wear crotch-less pantaloons with knee-high socks or hose. They are made from soft cotton muslin. They usually have a ruffle or lace at the edge. They are comfortable and definitely make me feel feminine, and I am still “available” for my husband. Problem solved.
And she's still churning out the books:
Spanking Romance Stories - Freedom & Prejudice Collection
Ebook Price: $5.99 USD. 49410 words. Fiction by Leah Kelley on December 2, 2010
~56,500 words of Christian Domestic Discipline spanking fiction with a freedom/prejudice theme. Contains TRULY FREE, CAPTIVE DREAMS, DREAM IN BLACK AND WHITE, AND EPHRAIM'S WIFE.
Here are a few short snippets:
Tim dropped the hand still grasping the sheet of paper to his side as he walked down the hallway toward James' study. As he passed closer to Callie's perch just beside the stairs, she could see the paper was, in fact, a poster. A split second before he disappeared from her line of vision, she was able to make out:



James Parker studied the poster in front of him with no small amount of shock. There was no mistaking that the beautiful octaroon shown in the photograph was none other than his own little wife. The flowing dark curls, the soft vulnerability of her eyes, the wide pink mouth he so loved to kiss--it was all the same. His sweet little Callie had deceived him, that much was clear.

He raised tortured eyes to those of his best friend. Tim's face held all the concern he did not voice.

“Don't worry,” James said, “I won't harm her, at least other than her pretty little posterior. That particular part of her anatomy I won't guarantee.”


He picked up her hairbrush from the dressing table and weighed it thoughtfully. “I think this will do just fine.”

Callie looked at the hairbrush with horrified distaste. It was oval, made of wood, sanded and varnished. At least as wide as his hand, it was heavy enough, she had no doubt, to administer a very painful wallop.

“No!” she cried, attempting to pull out of his grasp. “Please don't do this! Please...I'll never lie to you again, I swear...just...”

“Callie, hush! Now remove your dressing gown and place yourself here across my knee.” When she shook her head, he added, “Don't make this any harder on yourself. I will go easier for you if you cooperate.”


Ruthlessly, he spanked the sensitive area nearly raw with hard punishing swats until violent sobs shook her body and her bottom writhed unconsciously upon his thigh. By the time he was finished, Callie was too incoherent to plead and too spent to move.

“Shhh. It's over now, Sweetheart. Shhh...”

After several moments of soothing and comforting, he pushed back the hair that was glued to her face by her tears. “Do you feel better now?” he murmured.

“Yessuh,” came the watery reply.

He leaned back to gaze into her face. “Yessuh?” he grinned. “Are you going to call me 'Massa' next?”

She gave him a small grin, albeit very small, and humored him. “Yes, Massa. If you say so, Massa."

From what I understand, this book is a top seller at Teaparty rallies.

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