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Monday, October 15, 2012

Real Patriots Record Voice Mail Messages Expressing Hope that Biden will Have a Stroke and Die

I was very moved by this voice mail a patriot left for Minneapolis's Treehouse Records last week. In it, a godfearing teabag-American I'll call "Jethro" courageously takes the vinyl pusher to task for catering to "people with tattoos, unnatural hair colors, piercings and bizarre lifestyles" by posting love desegregation signs at their store.

I decided to give Brother Jethro a call, and upon my first attempt, I heard the following greeting:

Here's a transcript:
Well, I'm so sorry to hear that traitor, Arlen Specter, died this morning at 82. Him and a lot of those other left-wing Democrat bleeding hearts can go with him [sic]. It's too bad Vice President didn't have a cerebral hemorrhage and join his buddy Arlen Specter in death. Leave a message. Liberalism should be dead. [beep]
Brother Jethro answered the second time I called, and I interviewed him. I'll post that interview tomorrow.

A tip of the ol' helmet to Andrew who says Minnesotans for All Families is fantastic.

Now for something completely different.

The sound-barrier-breaking jump from the stratosphere recreated using Legos.

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