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Friday, October 12, 2012

They Will Not Support the Ta-Tas!

Alternative Right's Andy Nowicki is angry, very angry. It's bad enough that it's that time of year when wherever you go, people are talking about some deadly, but very pink and girly, affliction  but goddamn it, why do they have to screw with football by forcing the players to go all fucking Hello Kitty:
During October, everything in sight is painted pink—the chosen color of feminine “empowerment,” I suppose—and a bevy of worn, weary “survivors” are regularly trotted out as exemplars of womanly courage and fortitude...But do we really require pink newspapers delivered to our doorsteps, and do we really need to see professional football players wearing faggy-looking pink shoes and socks for an entire month, just to show we’re properly concerned for and in righteous solidarity with the afflicted?
SHEILA C. at The Thinking Housewife concurs:
Ubiquitous pink packaging? Check. I had to dig through a number of spice containers at the grocery store the other day to find one in standard colors; I will not “support the ta-tas.”
And elsewhere at The Thinking Housewife, Paul rightly places the blame for all this where it belongs: it's just another expression of liberals hatred of capitalism:
Liberals, who dislike capitalism and pro-football’s blatantly male activity, use pink to assert the monetary value of male pro-football to escape the effect of their anti-capitalistic policies, which fail to produce the money needed to improve their favored class, women. Liberals pressure the low owners, pure capitalists.

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