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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

The Christian White Man's Burden

Faith and Heritage's Adi Schlebusch is a godfearing man who hates homosexualism as much as he despises paragraphs. And although he's glad that Uganda is choosing to become a Christian theocracy, Brother Schlebusch is very concerned that black people aren't loved enough by God to pull it off:
Without the aid of a Western nation with pure Christian foundations, Uganda will fail miserably, not because of the inherent superiority of the white man, but because of the gracious blessings and responsibilities with which God has endowed us. Of course, we should trust in God alone for our deliverance from evil, and so should Uganda, but God provides help by various means. In His wisdom, He has providentially chosen not to prepare a religiously sound white nation to aid Uganda in their sanctification. This could prove catastrophic...The white nations are in this sense letting Uganda down. Mainstream Western churches preach a false gospel of universalist, egalitarian love, and maintain that racial integration serves as a manifestation of the unity we have in Christ; with these false doctrines, they are bound to mislead the upcoming church in Africa (and elsewhere). Not only are they untrue to their calling as Japhethites (Gen. 9:27), but also, by virtue of being unready, they are possibly letting the opportunity to have a Christian ally on the most resourceful continent on the planet slip through their fingers.

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