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Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Amazon Review of Glenn Beck's "Agenda 21"

Below, is my Amazon Review for Glenn Beck's Agenda 21. I'm late putting it up, so it will take a lot of "most helpful" votes to give it the title of "Most Helpful Positive Review," but with your help (vote here), it's possible.

Fiction, Fact, and the 5.56mm Truth, January 16, 2013
By Gen. JC Christian, patriot

This review is from: Agenda 21 (Kindle Edition)
This is a work of fiction that could, very well, someday be stocked on the current events shelf in the non-fiction section of your favorite bookstore. Or, at least, that's what the "author," and top reviewers would have you believe.

But is that truly the case? Will the Agenda 21 Enforcers use Obama's UN-based laws to force our future Emmelines to pledge allegiance to spotted owls and snail darters?

Anyone who believes in the power and the importance of the Second Amendment knows such a future is impossible. Armed patriots will stop Obama's tanks, the UN's jet fighters, and the reptilian aliens' vipersturmen when they come to take our guns.

Only the deserving few, those who refuse to purchase firearms, will be eaten during the great molting fests, and among them, only Piers Morgan, George Soros, and perhaps the comedian, Carrot Top, will be mounted by the Imperial Szliardisterg before the Great and Terrible Devouring.

We patriots will be armed, safe, and happy in our gated mobile home communities. We'll be playfully punching each other's arms, drinking Night Train, eating Moon Pie Chocolate Flavor - 24 ct. box, and shooting spouses, goldarned random sumbishes, and scary-looking people, while the Obamunists suffer under the lizard's lash.

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