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Friday, October 09, 2009

Michelle Malkin, Racialist Art Investgator

Our Lady of the Concentration Camps made a startling discover yesterday. One of the pieces of art in the White House, “Watusi (Hard Edge)” by Alma Thomas looks a lot like Matisse's “L’Escargot.”

Armed with this observation, Mrs. Malkin began her investigation into Alma Thomas and discovered she's not one hundred percent committed to the caucasian lifestyle. Indeed, as Malkin so carefully points out, ALMA THOMAS IS A NEGRO!

Let me repeat that in case you missed it. ALMA THOMAS IS A NEGRO! And that can only mean one thing: Alma Thomas must be a filthy plagiarist.

Of course, Our Lady of the Concentration Camps wouldn't make such a claim without evidence, so she cracked opened the pages of Art in America ever so slightly and learned:
[Thomas] had seen the late Matisse cutouts at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Matisse’s work had prompted her to paint an acrylic-on-canvas version of his collage The Snail (1953), in which nearly all the original colors were reversed. Thomas named her painting Watusi (Hard Edge), after Chubby Checker’s dance hit “The Watusi.” As well as marrying high modernism with the popular culture of black America–then entering the American mainstream–the title she chose noted Matisse’s debt to African art.
Yes! Yes! There it is! Right there in that quote from the fancy art book. By what appears to be Thomas' own admission, she translated Matisse's cut outs into reversed acrylic painted colors. Certainly, she did so to fool the simple minded art affectionados who would never see her painting's similarity to the Matisse piece. I mean what other explanation could their be? She was making art? Ha!

Alma Thomas might have fooled the art world with her strange non-caucasian art creating ways, but she did not fool Michelle Malkin. And she didn't fool Mrs Malkin's commenters either. Here's what they had to say:
GladzKravtz said:
Obama chose that painting because the artist(?) is black.
Plain and simple.
High expectations of blacks is not a trait held by the Obamas (or by liberal democrats).

SpeakEasy said:
Rap artists have been using tracks from real musicians for years. Same thing.

Hangfire said:
Sad to say, but “Rap” music was started by persons of Caucasian lineage.

Rob said:
Was it public education that allowed white people to devolve to the level that would elect a black socialist?

meangreenfan said:
What may also be plagiarism is an Obama painting titled, “Whistler’s MO FO.”

Tazed and Confused said:
Art fraud for a presidential fraud… why does that surprise you… in Obama’s ghetto, they call that “sampling” and it’s no different than BHO’s commitment to wealth redistribution… just another punk ripping-off what he can get by with…

Rob said:
Since blacks complain all the time and call me a racist. Since illegals are filling up my neighorbood schools and sucking up my money. Since I am tired of bending over backwards… I AM NOW A RACIST! Get them the hell out of my world.

cheapseat said:
hmmmm; seems a lot of our black master race tend to take shortcuts to fame, the ny times reporter, the writer who made up the racial story, the prez of the u.s. and now an artist. is this person so dumb that they think in the art world that they could get away with plagiarism?

vinny said:
I wonder if Obamas prefer Kansas Fried Chicken?

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  1. Hangfire said:
    Sad to say, but “Rap” music was started by persons of Caucasian lineage.

    I think we've been over this one already.

  2. Wait 'till Malkin finds out that the story of Jesus is a ripoff of the myths of Osiris/Tamuz/Mithras/Dionysus. There will be hell to pay, I can assure you.


  3. I call her malicious malkin.
    She has nothing better to do then criticise art?
    Wait till they hear Obama won the Noble Peace Prize!!!!!

    Is it not ironic and does it not say so much about the tea bigots? Their hatred blinds them to so much, our President is valued by all the world, not just liberals.

  4. How dare one artist try to re-interpret another artist’s work!

    And guess what. It’s worse than you think. Why just this morning I learned that the Chicago Symphony Orchestra is engaging in the very same sort of plagiarism: “CSO musicians shine in Stravinsky’s Dumbarton Oaks, inspired by the Brandenburg Concertos of J. S. Bach.”

    Holy crap. Now even white people are doing it!

  5. This undoubtedly will start a new conservative movement, a "Banned Art List," where by all art that depicts equality, colors and black people will be removed from schools, libraries, and museums.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. For those wondering what the Chinese guest had to say, here's a Google translation:

    Now enjoy debugging services: Termite Control Flea Control Moth Control Mouse Control Fumigation Control cockroaches fly control ants, anti-mosquito prevention and control.

    Pretty subversive by my reconning. Prolly sent by liberals...

  8. I know he said, "Get them the hell out of my world.", but couldn't we just find them all a great big island somewhere and ship them off to it, so they can have their own little world and not bother the rest of us?
    why does he think it's "his" world, anyway?

  9. I supposed she stopped before the post modern part of the book. Can I leave now or is that simulacra running down her inner thigh??

  10. Here's further proof that Osama is a sleeper agent planted years ago by Kenyislamofascists so he could sneak into the White House (people call me a racist because I defiantly keep referring to it as the "WHITE" House!)

    Way back in 1953, "they" had this blackcopycattofascist devise this subtle forgery and send it out into the egghead artsy-fartsy world, secure in the knowledge that one day, they could sneak it into the WHITE House. It was a test run for Osama, I tell you!

    Who knows what other sleeper objects are out there, waiting like ticking time bombs to go off in our face?!? Genetically modified collard greens posing as spinach, perhaps?

  11. Kimc,

    As an Australian, i'm breaking just about every rule there is in the english speaking western world except for the U.S. by what I'm about to say. Fortunately, the internet's anonimity may be the only thing that saves both you and me from a silent & immediate dispatch.
    There is a joke known to all Australians, New Zealanders, English, Canadians and even some South Africans. It goes like this:
    Q: 'Why did Columbus discover America?'
    A: 'Where else would we put the Americans?'

    No America seems to get this joke in the moments they have just prior to their removal. For the rest, it is a constant source of hilarity. Kind of like how watching someone else get hit in the nuts with a baseball bat never ceases to be funny, no matter how often you see it.
    The funniest part is that the Malkinite isn't even aware that they are IN that world where those people could all be shipped off to.

    I'm sorry, I've said too much...

  12. Nobody down here ever told that joke to me! (Not before now, of course.) I wonder if they were trying to spare my feelings? Nah -- they were probably telling it behind my back, the bastards...

  13. Bukko,

    Are you really a token Aussie? Not being born here? I bet you didn't do the typical things an Aussie boy would growing up and living here.
    When you were 10, Did you laugh at when you realised that Foster's beer is Australia's joke on the rest of the beer drinking world?
    Do you lust after a 400HP V8, 280kph large performance car when the max speed limit is 110kph?
    Do you get excited by the 'sport' of test cricket which lasts for 5 full days and can be condensed down to 5 minutes of actual physical activity?
    Irrespective of our democracy, do you think it was quite fitting that the Prime Minister was also set a world record for drinking beer, the ultimate Australian Alpha Male?
    Do you never notice that different states have entirely different codes of football, which are also totally different from football anywhere else in the world?
    I bet none of your offspring have been killed by spiders or snakes in their suburban home. Let alone a dingo!
    I stand here claiming umm... tokenism! I am more token than you! ha! I'm entirely token!

  14. Mate! I have to be the token American at the hospital where I work -- oh, they LOVE the idea of a seppo coming all this way to wipe Aussie bums, let me tell you -- so I wanna be the token Oz resident on this blog. Except there's others here, and even a sheep-molester or two -- I mean Kiwis, not Tassies -- who I reckon are funnier than me.

    And what's this about a PM who drinks beer? Surely not Sheriff Johnny or K-Rudd. I thought Boony held the record for that.


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