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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Orly Taitz Will Rise Again

I'm sure you've all heard that America's most patriotic law dentist lost her bid to be California's next Secretary of State. Here's what she had to say about it:

I know that sooner or later the truth will be out and my legal efforts will be vindicated and probably will be part of history books. I know that the moment one judge order discovery or reverses prior ruling, the hounded will end and many will have an egg on their faces. I might run again in 2012. I might run for Congress or Senate. I have time to decide...

I believe in entertainment there is a term “triple threat”, meaning someone who can act, sing and dance. I know I am a triple threat in politics, particularly after I succeed in Obama litigation. I can go to women’s groups and bring my message to them, I can go to Eastern European churches and talk to them in Russian, and go to Romanian churches and Hispanic groups and Jewish temples, where I can speak to them in Hebrew better then Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein taken together. If the contest of this election doesn’t succeed, next election is in 2 years. There are congressional races every 2 years, Diane Feinstein will be due for re-election in 2 years. She will be close to 80 years old then. I read about her. She used to be an attorney, married to a surgeon. I am an attorney and I am also a dental surgeon.

All I can say is "wow." It's such a treat to see a law dentist's mind at work. I suspect even a libislamunistofacist would be hard pressed to counter such reasoning.

Elsewhere: Sam Seder, a man who doesn't even try to hide the fact that he doesn't believe in Jesus, admits that he also lacks faith in Gitmo's redemptive powers and the divinity of the Cheneys.


  1. General, Sir:

    I'm pretty sure that a Taitz-Gellar ticket, as in Orally and Pamalama-ding-dong, would raise the bar on Batshit Krazee to such a height that not ever Mother Sarah Palin and Michelle "Mind if I fall in your puke" Bachman would be hard pressed to hurdle it.

  2. I can't wait until she's vindicated by history. Like all great unappreciated geniuses, including myself, one day our seeming madness will be redeemed.

    Also, I just love her blow-up-doll chic.

  3. What's more scary than her is the fact that more than 374,000 people voted for her.

    Time to open back up the insane asylums in CA.

  4. She may be an extreme example of it, but over the years I’ve seen mental illness manifest itself in the form of obsessive litigation over and over again. It’s a serious problem. I’m not defending Orly here, I’m just saying that somebody really needs to ask whether this woman is well enough to be taking care of herself. If there weren’t a political angle here – and by that, I mean an anti-Obama or anti-Democrat angle – she’d probably have been disbarred by now and she’d possibly be facing involuntary commitment proceedings.

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  6. You have to love when a Soviet born warmonger claims to define 'real' America.

  7. I never saw Whorly on TV before this, although I was aware of her valiant legal struggle against the secretoKenyislamofascist impostoPresident. (Curse those activist judges who look at pesky things like "facts" and don't just do what she says, anyway.) She didn't get much screen time in Australia. Now that I've had a chance to watch her, I gotta wonder -- is Squorrly actually a man dressed in drag? Because she-he sure looks the part.

    Wouldn't it be splendid if he-she-it was actually faking their identity while claiming the not-President was faking his? Has Orally put out a sex tape that proves what parts she's got?

    Of course, if "she" is actually a man claiming to be a woman, it's probably a plot by libbbbbbberals to discredit patriotikkk kkkonservatives by pretending to be a batshit insane right-winger that every sensible person laughs at (except for 347,000 Californians.) Nah, what am I thinking? Libbos aren't clever enough to pretend to be cons!

  8. I think America is in it's springtime of powerful right wing women. To think that women like Orly, Palin & Bachmann would be listened to by drunkards (let alone seemingly rational voters) only 10 years ago would have been unthinkable. Only through the examples set by the Bush administration could such... 'minds' be considered suitable for public policy.

  9. Wait...we're building a fence to keep out Mexicans, but she can come in and become a citizen? That's crazier than birtherism.

  10. law dentist. nice one.

    That name.... I _always_ see 'Oily Taint'. It's a vision, I think. Can I git a witness?

  11. Can I git a witness?

    Would we have to personally witness whether her "taint" (in the venal vernacular usage of the word that kids have nowadays) is oily? Because I don't wanna go there, even with my eyes. Although that WOULD determine whether Oily actually a man posing as a Bach-man.


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