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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gone to the big city

I'm on the road, headed to Seattle to be redeem myself by visiting that guy who spanks men for money. I won't tell you what acts I performed that require such redemption. Let's just say Col. Cletus is a lying bastard and who really looks close enough at a morale sheep to see whether it has an udder or a scrotum anyway.

I hope to be back tomorrow, but if I need extra punishment, I'll see you on Monday.

In the mean time, check out this video. James O'Keefe is truly a renaissance man.


  1. I would gladly spank Teh Gen'l myself for free with a metal spatula that Mrs. Bukko bought at a fancy-schmancy cookware store in Paris last week. Because it's French, the spatula is extra-sinful. However, I'm working midnight shifts for the next two nights, and border security at the Peace Arch crossing might confiscate the spatula as a weapon of mass redemption. So I'll have to resort to spanking myself with it (Mrs. Bukko disciplines with her tongue, not with implements) while I think of You, sir.

  2. O'Keefe is really Eminem in drag. I mean look at how he moon walks. He has the gift and his deep symbolism of wearing a hard hat to represent his hard-hitting journalism shows why he is sharing his gifts to the world. Hell, Gen'l, we don't need no 50 Cent. We got "Anything the Kochs want for a Dolla" O'Keefe to fill the bill here.


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