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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Persecution of a Gun Loving Legislator

It's a shame that the media is focused on the deeds of one irresponsible gun owner--a man who would have stabbed or clubbed those 70 people if he didn't have access to firearms--while ignoring recent stories about patriots who've used their weapons to defend themselves against potential aggressors.

One such patriot is WA Rep. Matt Shea (R-Spokane Valley). As a state legislator, Rep Shea has been a staunch defender of our right to shoot the scary. He sponsored two gun bills in the last legislative session, alone. The first, HB 1990, would have exempted Washington firearms and ammunition manufacturers from being subject to federal laws. The second bill, HB 1016, gave Washingtonians the right to buy silencers for those times when a quiet kill is required.

Rep. Shea was glad he was packing heat on the day he a cut another driver off on Spokane's busy Monroe Street. The other driver, LeRoy Norris, retaliated by honking his horn in an aggressive and patently socialist manner. Rep. Shea responded by pointing a pistol at Mr. Norris who "'freaked out" and drove away 'crazy,'" before calling the police.

The police pulled Rep. Shea over a little later and charged him with having a loaded handgun concealed in his vehicle without a concealed carry permit--The legislator was too busy working on gun rights, homosexualist persecution, and health care denial legislation to renew his CCW permit in the seven years that had occurred since it lapsed.

That's the price one pays for standing up against horn blowing in Obama's America.

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  1. Per the 2nd Amendment, he's entitled to carry a black-powder, muzzle-loaded musket, no questions asked. Anything else, get a permit. Watta tool.


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