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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

It's about morals not exploitation--really, it is.

I didn't hear this call to Dr. Laura, but from the letter on her website, I bet it was interesting. Some might use this as an example of how Dr. Laura is more interested in exploitation than she is in helping people make hard moral choices, but they'd be ignoring the hard moral question of whether you should have sex with your dog in front of your children.

Date: 2004-11-08

Dr Laura,

I found the caller whose daughter-in-law was giving her dog sex on demand in front of her children ridiculous if it were not so sad. Even worse was her reply to your (logical) suggestion to get CPS involved "then they will take the kids away". CPS was NOT a bad idea. Here are some more ideas.

My first response (I am not as polite as you are):
WHO in the HELL IS IN CHARGE HERE, THE PEOPLE OR THE DOG????? By annoying the woman with the barking, the dog is basically training her to give him sex on demand, a skill a lot of human males would love to learn.

How about neutering the dog. This stops the urge, if the dog isn't too old. How about a no-bark collar? This stops the bark, is inexpensive, and is not cruel. If all else fails - how about getting rid of the dog (as opposed to getting rid of the children???????)

The daughter-in-law needs some help, serious help, and the son is in the same boat for allowing his kids to see this and to think it is OK, which it is NOT.

Grandma knows that trans species doggie sex this is not OK for the kids to see or she wouldn't have called you in the first place. Grandma is pretty selfish if her first concern is "they may take the kids away." It is more important that the kids grow into healthy good human beings, not that Grandma get to see them whenever she wants or that her precious son doesn't get his feelings hurt. Maybe if the kids WERE, removed from this situation, he might finally understand the level of unacceptability of "doing it doggie style" in front of CHILDREN.


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