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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Let Dick slap him around with his...uhhh...thing

The General has mixed feelings about Michael Schwartz being picked to be Senator-elect Tom Coburn's top staffer. Sure, he's been one of conservative Christianity's fiercest holy warriors. I don't need to be reminded that while serving the blue-haired legion of angry church ladies at Concerned Women for America, he was an unwavering advocate for the Christian man's right to employ his steel-toed boots of compassion when witnessing to homosexuals. And my heart skipped a beat when he bravely repeated what my inner Frenchman calls a blood libel for gays:

The child abuse crisis is, for the most part, a symptom of the homosexualization of the priesthood.

But, I also recall that he has been less than loyal to Our Leader. Indeed, he committed the most grievous crime possible against The Chosen One--he accused him of making a mistake.

Yes, after looking at Our Leader's record of the last four years, Schwartz ignored Our Leader's successes in invading Iraq, creating jobs, protecting the environment, and bringing integrity back to the White House and wrote the following:

Certainly the biggest failure of this administration is the fact that RU-486 is still on the market.

While it comforts this Christian soldier to see Schwartz and Coburn working together to achieve a kind of Christian critical mass of hatred, I worry that the former might repeat his disloyalty. Perhaps we could threaten him with the Deputy Leader's Mighty Manly Bulge of Fealty.

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