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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Powell's last act of disloyalty

Although some patriots point to Colin Powell's UN presentation as evidence of his fealty to Our Leader, I think most would agree that his support was weakhearted at best. It was obvious that deep down he lacked faith in the rightness of our holy crusade. He took advantage of nearly every opportunity to weaken our national resolve to bring God's wrath down upon the brown people.

Our Leader wisely removed Powell from his position of power, but his legacy lives on. Yesterday, we saw an example of this when the State Department released its so-called Human Rights Report for 2004. Put together by Powell's staff, this document condemns the use of what it calls "torture" by other nations. Powell's old friends at State certainly knew that by condemning such acts by other countries, they were indicting us all as well--the report cites some of our most cherished interrogation methods like sleep and food deprivation, beatings, growling dogs, burning, electrical shock, and suffocation as being examples of torture.

If that wasn't enough, they also slandered the nations who've helped us conduct the interrogations. Just take a look at what the report says about Egypt and Syria, two of the states where we sent prisoners to be interrogated.


Principal methods of torture reportedly employed by the police and the SSIS included stripping and blindfolding victims; suspending victims from a ceiling or doorframe with feet just touching the floor; beating victims with fists, whips, metal rods, or other objects; using electrical shocks; and dousing victims with cold water. Victims frequently reported being subjected to threats and forced to sign blank papers for use against themselves or their families should they in the future complain about the torture. Some victims, including male and female detainees and children, reported sexual assaults or threats of rape against themselves or family members.


Former prisoners and detainees, as well as the HRAS, reported that torture methods included administering electrical shocks; pulling out fingernails; forcing objects into the rectum; beating, sometimes while the victim was suspended from the ceiling; hyperextending the spine; bending the detainees into the frame of a wheel and whipping exposed body parts; and using a backward-bending chair to asphyxiate the victim or fracture the victim's spine. Torture was most likely to occur while detainees were being held at one of the many detention centers run by the various security services throughout the country, particularly while the authorities were attempting to extract a confession or information. For example, in July, a Syrian-Canadian citizen reportedly was tortured while being questioned by security services (see Section 1.e).

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