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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ninja terrorists in the Heartland

A lot of people thought I was joking back in August 2004 when I first reported the Coast Guard's assertion that terrorists often dress up like ninjas. These same people laughed again a month later when I wrote about an incident in England where American tourists reported a bunch of possible terrorists in ninja outfits to the local police. But who's laughing now that we have people running around wearing ninja suits here in the Heartland? It's not the State Security Apparatus:

ATF agents are always on alert for anything suspicious -- including ninjas.

Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm agents, on campus Tuesday for Project Safe Neighborhoods training, detained a "suspicious individual" near the Georgia Center, University Police Chief Jimmy Williamson said.

Jeremiah Ransom, a sophomore from Macon, was leaving a Wesley Foundation pirate vs. ninja event when he was detained.


"It was surreal," Ransom said. "I was jogging from Wesley to Snelling when I heard someone yell 'freeze.'"

Ransom said he thought a friend was playing a joke before he realized officers had guns drawn and pointed at him.

ATF agents had noticed Ransom's suspicious behavior and clothing and gave chase, apprehending him, Williamson said

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