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Friday, June 08, 2007

Brownback's Fight

Sen. Sam Brownback
Presidential Candidate

Dear Sen. Brownback,

I've been thinking a lot about heroism lately. It seems like every day the news out of Washington is dominated by acts of either extreme heroism or extreme cowardice. Take the Justice Department scandal for instance. On the one hand, we have true heroes, men like DoJ mezzo-soprano Bradly Schlozman, who aren't afraid to issue a bogus indictment here and there if it brings us victory at the polls. On the other, we have Alberto Gonzales cowardly retreating from John Ashcroft's bedside when the heavily sedated Ashcroft refused to sign a domestic signing authorization. A true hero would have wrapped Ashcrofts IV tubes around his noncompliant neck and forced him to sign the document.

I've always wanted to be a hero, and before I actually became one by fighting America's enemies on my weblog, I often daydreamed about different scenarios in which I could prove my heroism. In one of my favorite fantasies, I'd be waiting in line for tickets to a revival of Hee Haw when I'd see a man point a gun at a child. I'd save the child from his certain murder by wrestling the perp's weapon from him.

One day, however, while I was daydreaming about this scenario, it occurred to me that risking my safety to disarm a man who was about to shoot a child isn't so much an act of heroism as much as it's a moral duty. Only a very morally bankrupt person would stand by and watch a child be murdered when he could intervene. That's true even if such intervention is very risky.

Your recent statement condemning Willard "Mitt" Romney for his failure to call abortion, "murder," made me think about this scenario. Abortionists are "murdering" babies within a few blocks of your office in DC. You know where it's happening. You know without a doubt that a baby will be "murdered" there today, and you could stop it from happening by wrestling the abortionist's instruments from his hands. Will you do that? Will you prevent the certain "murder" of this child even if it results in your arrest? I know I would, if I weren't too busy defending America with my keyboard.

Heterosexually yours,

Gen. JC Christian, patriot

Elsewhere: I'm enjoying the other Brownback blog.

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