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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sometimes a cigar is just a Polish gardener

I see the francosphere is, once again, going all PC on three of our most patriotic and god-fearing broadcasters. First we have the Palmetto Scoop taking issue with Joe Scarborough's comments about Fred Thompson's youthful wife. It's as if they think it's a bad thing for a man to wonder how hard a beautiful woman like Mrs. Thompson works her muscular man-gardener, Stanislov. And it's a shame to see people like Lafayette and Josh Marshall treating Mr. Scarborough as if a beautiful young staffer had popped up dead in his office or something. Get your minds out of the gutter, people.

Then, we have the usual suspects attacking Brit Hume for calling former astronaut-senator John Glenn a "spearchucker." Sure Hume's description wasn't technically accurate, but I don't think that was his intention. He was searching for a metaphor to convey his disgust for Glenn and found it in a slur used to denigrate a group of people he detests with just as much intensity. Yes, he employed the metaphor clumsily and might have been better served using other words like "jungle bunny," "faggot," or "chink," but it's a stretch for anyone to claim Hume was calling Glenn a negro.

Finally, there's this whole brouhaha over MENSA poster boy John Gibson's declaration that people from brown countries (or as he so eloquently put it, "some godforsaken hellhole") are carriers of "ooga booga fever." The libislamunstofascist ogga booga fever swamps, Media Matters and Think Progress, reacted to this innocent comment by calling it racist and an insult to people who better not move into our neighborhoods. Of course, the two franco-sites ignored his extremely well-stated responses that: A) he's "the whitest man in America;" B) he meant to call it "Ouagadougou fever" to honor the "godforsaken hellhole" which serves as the seat of goverment for Burkina Faso; and C) he could have named it after some other "godforsaken hellhole" like the pagan Incan city, Machu Pichu, or that little-known border town named "Latino Jungle."

I guess I shouldn't let this kind of political correctness bother me as much as it does. After all, I'm sure that if we all follow Mr. Gibson's advice and have more white babies, these kinds of PC-based attacks will become a thing of the past.


  1. Why are the socialist left, Joe Scarborough and the blogging world drooling over the fact Fred has a younger wife??? FWIW, I really want to know! Also, where is the outrage over Joe Scarborough???

    Fred Thompson 2008

  2. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Fred Thompson 2008:

    Where IS the outrage over Joe Scarborough? I sure would like to see Joe get sliced and diced in the court of public opinion. He's certainly no liberal if that's what your question is intended to suggest. He carried water for the Bush cabal, quite faithfully until it started to affect his ratings then he began his inexorble slide from the Far, Far Right to the Far Right (which seems like the left to his former audience).

    Fred Thompson is a man whose public "family values" don't match his private ones, according to more than a few journalists. He was apparently quite the prize in D.C. after his divorce in 1985. It would seem that the 2nd Mrs. Thompson is a bit of a party gal in her own right (again, according to others in the press, not me).

    Just a very typical genuine reptiliscum patriot, imo.


  3. This response by the left is typical. Bill Clinton gets a pass while having an affair and they try to lambaste Senator Thompson for being married. Their logic never makes sense.

  4. Anonymous8:53 PM

    "This response by the left is typical. Bill Clinton gets a pass while having an affair and they try to lambaste Senator Thompson for being married."

    As usual, the neocons don't get it. No one is lambasting Thompson for being married. However, an elected representative who marries his "niece" tends to reinforce negative stereotypes about the South.

  5. Ohio Nuttycon:

    I certainly was not lambasting Fred for being married. He's great at being married, he's so good at it he's done it twice (like GOD knows how many other fellas who can't stop spouting off about the moral morass that the left has lead this country into).

    I think it's terrible that Bill Clinton spent time with Gennifer Flowers, maybe Paula Jones, and certainly Monica Lewinski. I mean, he could have done better. His immorality was ever so much easier to live with than the current presidents amorality.


  6. Gibson: "So white it's pasty."


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