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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Department of Book Reports 29: A Small Death in Lisbon

Robert Wilson’s A Small Death in Lisbon (Berkley $7.99) has long been a favorite recommendation of Pacific Northwest Booksellers for sometime now. Somehow I have put off reading it until now, and I’m sorry I’ve waited so long. It is a superb thriller, and, to use the oft’ used clichĂ©, a page-turner.

Wilson deftly interweaves two narratives. In the first, Ze Coelho, a Homicide Inspector, narrates his own 1998 investigation of the murder of the young and promiscuous daughter of a prominent Portuguese attorney. In the second, and told by an omniscient narrator, the German businessman, Klaus Felsen, is impressed into the SS in 1941 and assigned to go to Portugal in order to obtain as much wolfram, a metal used to make armor-penetrating weaponry, as possible. Although we know that the stories must intersect at some point, we really don’t know how until we are much closer to the novel’s climax. But Wilson leaves subtle clues and guessing is much of the fun.

All the moral complexities of the great thrillers are present. The connections between Nazi Germany and Fascist Portugal are explored. Felsen is slowly, yet inexorably, driven to acts of savagery. Coelho, having grown up during the fascist Salazar regime, has to deal with the many changes Portugal has undergone since 1974. Duplicity and betrayal are constant themes. And ultimately, it seems that history is no more than a series of acts of vengeance.

Though in the end, the loose ends are tied, we are aware that life is not simple; that even if we think we know all the answers, we probably don’t; and to paraphrase Hamlet, “The rest is madness”.

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