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Monday, August 27, 2007

Mr. Atkinson responds

Neocon think-tanker, Philip Atkinson. responded to my email that suggested he and James Woolsey should work together to open up gladitorial arenas for the entertainment of the plebes.

His response and my reply to it appear below:

Philip Atkinson
Thinker, James Woolsey's Think Tank

Dear Mr. Atkinson,

Thank you for responding to my email. I'm afraid you misunderstood what I wrote. I fully support your plans to give Our Glorious and Exalted Leader the title of "Caesar," grant him dictatorial powers for life, and defend white civilization against the forces of browness.

I want to be very clear in my reply to ensure that there are no further misunderstandings. To that end, I will respond to your letter, point by point.

You begin with what I assume must be a veiled attack against me:

----- Original Message -----
From: Philip Atkinson
To: 'Gen. JC Christian, patriot'
Sent: Thursday, August 23, 2007 5:21 PM
Subject: RE: Bread and Circuses


Hints and innuendo are not a rebuttal of an argument.

That statement is true enough, but by making it, you seem to be hinting and implying that my letter was intended to be a rebuttal of your work. As you see in my explanation above, you misunderstood my intentions. I'm all for reliving the glory days of Rome and driving anyone darker than David Hasselhoff from Iraq and Mexico.

To refute an argument you must point out mistakes in the presumptions or logic of the argument.

Absolutely. That's why your argument can't be refuted. To do so would require that one attacks your assumption that we are on the verge of being enslaved by Mexican Islamunistofascists. That is impossible. The logic underlying your basic assumption is unassailable.

Sure, there are those who call us crazy or insane for making such assumptions, but they are the crazy ones. THEY ARE THE ONES WHO ARE INSANE! Hahahahaha, we laugh at their conventional definition of sanity. They do not know what we know. They do not listen to the exhortations or rifles of feel the sorrow of the lonely jackboot. They don't even watch 24. They know nothing of what it means to be a GIANT AMONG ANTS!, A GIANT AMONG ANTS GOD DAMN IT! Hahahahaha, they're the crazy bastards.

Please note the essay was an attempt to explain how President Bush could start a new world empire and thus minimise the impact of nuclear armed barbarian war bands that will inevitably appear.

Yes, yes, yes. That is why we must nuke their ancestors, now. We cannot depend on the invention of a time machine to save us. Our sentient machine overlords will control time travel. Hahahahaha. Who's crazy now!

911, the attack on the World trade centre by a barbarian war band, was predicted in 1952 by professor Arnold Toynbee in A Study Of History. The work was a study of civilizations and revealed that Western Civilization was declining. This meant that as EVERY previous declining civilization was attacked and destroyed by barbarian war-bands, our civilization would be attacked and finally destroyed by barbarian war bands.

Yes, civilization will be brought to its knees by a handful of people who are angry at us for having dreams of empire. It's another one of your unassailable assumptions. Fuck Paul Kennedy and his assumption that hegemons collapse upon themselves when their imperialistic ambitions cause them to overeach. They exhaust their resources fighting unwinnable wars. Yes, fuck Kennedy and everyone who thinks like him. Hahahaha, they are the crazy bastards, not us.

This raises two significant problems:

Yes it does. But neither problem is insurmountable if we listen to the rifle's wise counsel and try to understand the mournful wailing of the lonely jackboot.

1/ Our civilization is declining, a notion that is not generally understood but is explained for the first time at

Yes it is. You even cite your own web page to prove it. Do you know what would make your web site better? You should add a section on Nephilim. They are horny fallen space angels who want to impregnate our white women to create a race of slaves. It's a notion that is not generally understood, but is explained very well at

And while it requires patience and effort to read the articles and so understand just what a civilization is, this task is essential for anyone who wishes to discover what his civilization is, and what is happening to it. Otherwise all opinions expressed about the state of our civilization, our community, or our nation, what this signifies, and what should be done, are based upon ignorance, for there is no other explanation of civilization other than the cited work.

Of course. You are the only person who truly understands civilization. That's why she turns to you when she needs to justify genocide. But be careful, she hasn't been the same since she was violated by the papist southern Europeans and the Jews at the turn of the previous century. She's a little more swarthy and a little less protestant now. She'll break your heart.

2/ How do you defend yourself against barbarian war bands armed with nuclear weapons? What should America do if New York disappears in a mushroom cloud, and Al Qaeda, or whoever, makes odious demands that must be met if Chicago is not to be next?

Given your unassailable assumptions, there is only one course of action we can take. It's the same course of action you suggested in your article and at your website. We must "empty Iraq of Arabs and repopulate the country with Americans" and "halt the Hispanic invasion [by employing] mass enslavement, or execution, of the invaders, [and follow it with] an American invasion of Mexico."

What do you recommend America does to deal with these two problems?

I think I answered that question, above. Your assumptions about the scope and nature of "the problem" leave us with only one solution, your solution, the final solution.

After the slaughter, may we greet each other as fellow veterans of the War For Civilization. I hope to honor you in the only way true warriors may honor each other by wrestling you in the manner of our ancient Spartan warrior forbearers, that is to say, unclothed. May the best man drive his fleshy staff of neoconservative inadequacy deep and emerge victorious.

Or we could catch a movie.

Kind Regards,

Philip Atkinson

Heterosexually yours,

Gen. JC Christian, patriot

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