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Monday, September 10, 2007

A conversation with my 8 year old grandson

Grandson (GS): That's my friend Brandon.

Me: Where?

GS: He was going into that store. He has the record for ballbuster.

Me: Ballbuster? What is that?

GS: You get on the monkey bars and put your legs on both sides of a bar like you are riding a horse, and then everyone pulls on your legs. Brandon had 11 guys pulling on his legs. That's a record.

Me: That is not good. I hope you don't do it.

GS: No. Just Brandon and Hunter do it. Brandon said it made his balls purple.

Me: That is not good. Don't ever do that. It could make it so you can't have babies.

GS: Pa! I'm a boy. I can't have babies.

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