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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sexual Politics of Hypocrisy...or is it the Politics of Sexual Hypocrisy?

Sexual Politics of Hypocrisy...or is it the Politics of Sexual Hypocrisy?
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Original Poster: Russian Propaganda
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Repression and censorship are breeding grounds for hypocrisy. When the powerful demand that others not be true to themselves or be honest about who they are, it is inevitable that the powerful won't be entirely true and honest either. You can't have complete honesty and transparency in an environment where deception becomes the defining attribute of human behavior.

Michael Medved has written a column alleging that the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy actually protects heterosexual service members from the sorts of homosexual hanky-panky that Senator Larry Craig was caught doing. Medved worries mightily about the damage that might be caused to the delicate psyches of male soldiers if they know that they might be checked out sexually by someone they don't want to have any sexual contact with.

That's definitely a real problem. I mean, it's acceptable that women have to deal with that when in public from the time they are sexually mature until...well, I don't know if the sexual objectification of women ever entirely ends. Men, though, should never have to deal with that. We need "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" to guarantee that there are no gays in the military, thus ensuring that our manly men in uniform don't have wonder who's checking them out and whether green makes them look fat.

Heterosexual service members need the comfort of knowing that there just aren't any gays in their midst to disturb their heterosexual comfort. The only other profession where such safety and comfort can be found is probably the priesthood. The black is oh-so-slimming and you don't even have to worry about the presence of sexual women, much less sexual men. Unfortunately, such extensive repression of sexuality and sexual identity does run the risk of causing sexual desire to squirt out in unpleasant directions. You don't want to be standing too close when that happens.

Wait a minute...I just remembered that Craig is married and has children. He couldn't possibly be gay, then, right? He's been getting all kinds of righteous heterosexual sex at home for decades, which means that he's a real man and not at all like those limp-wristed pansies that the military is trying to keep out. Now I'm confused, because if this sort of problem can erupt from the loins of a straight-talking, straight-sexing man like Larry Craig, then how will "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" protect our brave men and women in uniform?

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