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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Disobedience is the enemy of freedom

Well, tasering is in the news again. Long time readers know that, like Our Leader and my beloved GOP, I believe submission to authority to be the ultimate act of patriotism. That's why I've applauded police in the past for tasering a 14 year old who refused to stop playing Nintendo and a five year old little girl who refused to stop raising hell in her school principal's office.

The way I see it is that it doesn't matter whether a person is armed or not, if they refuse, or are unable, to comply with an authority figure's commands, they're likely to be some kind of communist, islamunistofascist, or other kind of enemy of the state, and they deserve to have the hell tasered out of them.

That's why I cheer the officers involved in the lastest series of taserings making the news. You've probably already heard about the student who was tasered for not yielding the mic while questioning a US Senator, so I won't spend any more bytes on it, but I'd like to recognize the fine officers involved in the other incidents.

On September 17, a gang of the Orange County (CA) Sheriff Department's finest chekists tasered a very dangerous 15 year old autistic who refused to stop pushing his shopping cart and comply with their orders.

In Houston,, an alert security professional took out a suspiciously happy new father when he refused to drop the infant he was cradling in a suspicious manner.

Earlier this summer, enforcers for the Barry County MO Sheriff's Department and the Cassville Police Department took turns giving a 41 year old woman a righteous tasering as punishment for struggling with her bonds as she laid, hogtied, on the jailhouse floor.

In Fountain Inn, SC, jailers stood up for traditional confederate values by tasering a dangerous black man who apparently dawdled during his own hanging.

In all fairness, I guess I should also note at least one case where the local Oprichniks failed to properly and efficiently employ their tasers. I hope the people of Decatur, Alabama are holding their heads down in shame after their guardians of the public order failed to take down an unarmed, but fleeing, goat with their tasers. Who knows how many young Alabamans will be corrupted by the goat they allowed to get away.

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