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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Stealing from my commenters

The jivester writes in my comments:


One day a man was riding a bicycle in the street, on his way to meet friends before going off to his job at the factory. It was a fine day, and the man smiled as he rode through the streets of the town, honking his little horn and waving to the shopkeepers he had grown fond of over the years. He was eventually struck by a bus and then run over by another bus and finally smashed completely flat by a third bus.

Please send money to help us help him fight death. Please let us continue this important fight--just a few more dollars, rightly used, and he could be up and about in no time. Pay no attention to the footage of the fourth bus running over him ("goddamnit man!") as this is the kind of footage that naysayers exploit, and serves to crush the morale of the emts and paramedics who depend on your support as they perform their difficult--damn, a fifth bus just totally smithereened that guy.

We need more money, more love and more support, and this brave man will surely--okay, buses number six and seven...crap, eight...please support us as we work to save this poor man, who rode his bicycle through the streets of...what the fuck was that? A tanker? He was run over by a tanker? What the hell is he now, a fleck? He's a fleck of a man?

Just send money, and more good thoughts, and we can save this man, this noble, proud fleck of a man, as he...what was that thudding? Anvils? Anvils are dropping from the sky onto the fleck of the man, the man who loved his little town, and used to ride his bicycle and wave to...alright, we have confirmed through DNA testing that we can build this man again, if we just send more money and love.

Support the Dead Man. Keep hope alive!

Best damned commenters on all the internets tubes. Check out the Jivesters blog and read the post titled: Senator Larry Craig Amends Statement: "I Am Not Liberace Gay"

From The Farmer to MJS, Corrente has always been the home of the best satirists anywhere.

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