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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Remembering Revolution

NOVEMBER 20 is the day, in 1910, that the Mexican Porfiriato—the rule of Porfirio Díaz [aka José de la Cruz Porfirio Díaz], showed its first serious cracks. November 20 is understood as the day that began the Mexican Revolution of 1910, as it is the day Francisco Madera made his call to arms to overthrow the dictator.

imgAs Mexico is a land of so many campesinos (mi abuelo was one), the People are moved by those who remember how important the land is, how important the farmers are, how important the maize is, how important agrarian priorities are. This is why Lopez Obrador roused so many when he ran against the illegally installed Felipe Calderón, todays Mexican "President." He ran on a platform of helping la gente. Calderón ran on a platform of economic progress and cozying up to the USA and other foreign interests.

Porfirio is known for bringing great economic reforms and success to Mexico, but at a terrible price. He did it by selling huge amounts of land and interests to the USA and to foreign agents, and for doing what so many politicians do in Mexico: attempt to make the country appear to be a "First World" economic success, like the USA, but at the expense of the poorer people in Mexico, at the expense of the peasants and the farmers.

In Mexico, there are movements, there are revolutions and change, but for the indigenous nothing changes.”

- Delegate Cero

The swindling of the bulk of the Mexican people is a good place to start, contextwise, when people begin slinging slang about how Mexicans have a history of revolt and thus are violent and uncivilized, etc. If you pay attention to the stories you see that over and over and over again, the People (specifically and mostly the Indio) are treated (legally, symbolically, and actually) like garbage. By the USA and by the same types of elites who joist for power in Mexico. And the people of Mexico decide, over and over, not to take abuse by leaders sitting down. Thus the EZLN, thus the revolts, thus the furor over Oaxaca. This is to be celebrated. If only we all could have such fuerza. The last time a swindle was perpetrated against the Mexican gente (FeCal's installation), the USA method (and the same movers were on the scene) was used of creating a 1 or 2% "mandate" and creating enough haze that righteous indignation couldn't draw the cool breath of clarity needed to start a blaze.

For those who want to understand Mexican migration to the USA, we cannot begin last year or five years ago, or with Prop 187, or with the Bracero program. We really need to go way back. A lot of insight can be gained, and this isn't the post for it, only the one to repeat that "when the law ignores reality, the law suffers, and the people will correct it." Only one to remind us that "A hungry mob is an angry mob," and also that you cannot take the power from the People, you can only convince them they have none. But sooner or later, chances are very good they will remember.

Nezua Limón Xolagrafik-Jonez blogs as The Unapologetic Mexican and is always down with swinging by the Genrul's compound. Crossposted at The Unapologetic Mexican.

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