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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Springtime for Hitler

What is the world coming to? Can't a woman go out to see a play without being confronted by a crooning Hitler?

From yesterday's Yakima Herald-Republic:

Stunned by play's content

To the editor -- My husband wanted to surprise me with tickets to see a Broadway musical, "The Producers," at the Capitol Theatre on Nov. 17. We were both very surprised.

We saw producers, assistants and others endeavoring to produce a play. They were hoping to have a flop, close it down and pick up the remaining finances.

Eventually, after enlisting other people and groups, they did succeed in producing a successful musical called "Springtime for Hitler."

We saw the SS troops with swastika armbands, German soldiers in uniforms and even Hitler sang and danced.

Our President Roosevelt appeared on stage in his wheelchair -- Hitler pushed him off the stage.

Sunday morning I awoke and was sure it had all been a dream. No! That really happened at the Capitol Theatre in Yakima in the United States of America.

A tribute to a monster responsible for millions of deaths.



A helmet tip to reader T.

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