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Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Eve with the General

New Years Eve

Please join me at the best New Years Eve Party held on a roof next to a Spermatazoan-American liberation and housing center named after Mike Huckabee anywhere.
Cafe Wellstone in Second Life.

*Wednesday, Jan 2

Dancing at Etopia Eco-Village
Etopia Eco-Village

Live Music Night!
Joaquin Gustav is playing incomparable tango guitar direct form Buenos Aires, Argentina. Set yourself up with a fruity drink with'll feel warmer and mellower listening to him.
The Lonely Yak Roadhouse

*Thursday, Jan. 3

George Lakoff, Glenn Smith and Eric Haas all of the Rockridge Institute will be guests of Virtually Speaking in Second Life on Thursday Jan. 3 at 6 p.m. The dicussion will focus on National Health Care, and how that issue can be framed.
The panel discussion will be followed by an informal groups conversation about the early results from the Iowa Caucuses.
InWorld Studios

*Friday, Jan. 4

Dancing Liberally at the Beach
Join us at Tanna's Winter Home as we dance to Mike Huckabee's new hymn about the immorality of the sperm whale (yes, it's Mike Huckabee sperm joke week at the General's place).
Tanna's Winter Home

*Saturday , Jan. 5

8 am
radi Roffo
electro, electro clash, minimal, techno.
Conscious Lounge

9:30 am
Welcome to Conscious Lounge!
A quick tour of our spaces, and what we are doing. New folks welcome. ^_^
Conscious Lounge

10 am
Lag4Peace meeting.
Planning future actions + whatever gets added to the agenda. All are welcome; contact any1 Gynoid or solidad Sugarbeet for details.
Conscious Lounge

Open/facilitated discussion on left issues; topic will be announced a few days before the discussion. Last week, we had an engaging conversation about the situation in Pakistan; this week...who knows? We'll see how the week unfolds.
Conscious Lounge

CL expansion blowout PARTY!
We now have two spaces, one of which is in the amazing activist and non-profit community Commonwealth Islands (; also, the original space has been extensively expanded and overhauled, as in: - 120 seat capacity - over 12,000 m2 - more djs and live music - two classrooms - a theater - vendor space (social justice tees and such) and a commons - and dj mycki spins badass electro, hip hop and drum n bass for the gig! Come feel the /thump, and celebrate! WOOT! :D :D :D
Conscious Lounge

Broken New Years Resolutions All-Request Blow Out
Bring your cigarettes, cake, and booze to the Lonely Yak and lounge on the couch in your unused athletic gear as DJ Rocky wallows with you.
Dick Cheney will have broken his vow to be nicer at 12:01 January 1, so this will be ancient history. Good thing cause we're keeping our new location a secret from him.
The Lonely Yak Roadhouse (New Location)

*Sunday, Jan. 6

11 am
DJ Andi spins the hard beats. Come wear your baddest, sexiest gear and get apocalyptic with us. EBM and Industrial means you want it.
Conscious Lounge

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