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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Hampshire Primary Discussion and other events in Second Life

Join me tonight at my new place, Wellstone's Donkey Democratic Club in Second Life. to follow and discuss the NH Primary. We'll have an RSS feed to give us the results in near real time and live streaming audio commentary from NPR and Air America. Wellstoner Sebastian Blackthorne will begin the discussion at 4pm SLT/PST and I'll take over at 6:00 after I get off work
Wellstone's Donkey Democratic Club

*Wednesday, Jan 9

Dancing at Etopia Eco-Village
Etopia Eco-Village

*Thursday, Jan. 10

Ned Lamont comes to Virtually Speaking
He'll discuss the Lieberman race, and the impact of the IA caucuses and the NH primary on the 2008 elections.
InWorld Studios

Live Music - Wendy Curtiss - singer/songwriter with passion!
Wendy Curtiss is a consummate, seasoned, entertainer/singer/songwriter and guitarist. Her experiences have covered years and miles of travel. Starting out first, in the state of Connecticut, she eventually decided to settle in the state of Washington, after playing in California, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, and Utah. She even did shows in tourist cities in Mexico!! For a period of 6 years, she traveled and worked with Hotel chains like Best Western and Holiday Inns, playing 6 nights a week and performing requests and the hits of the day. After tiring of the road and its lack of roots, she settled in the Seattle area of Washington and continued to perform regularly on a nightly basis.
Conscious Lounge

*Friday, Jan. 11

Love blossoms at Dancing Liberally
Randall and Serenity will be tying the virtual knot at our ballroom on the beach. Pink is the color of the day.
Witchy's Ballroom

*Saturday , Jan. 12

8 am
radi Roffo
electro, electro clash, minimal, techno.
Conscious Lounge

9:30 am
Welcome to Conscious Lounge!
A quick tour of our spaces, and what we are doing. New folks welcome. ^_^
Conscious Lounge

10 am
Lag4Peace meeting.
Planning future actions + whatever gets added to the agenda. All are welcome; contact any1 Gynoid or solidad Sugarbeet for details.
Conscious Lounge

Open/facilitated discussion on left issues;
Topic will be announced a few days before the discussion. Last week, we talked about recent shifts in the US presidential elections; this week...who knows? We'll see how the week unfolds.
Conscious Lounge

dj mycki spins badass electro, hip hop and drum n bass. Come feel the /thump :p
Conscious Lounge

Feast of Fabulous Wild (Liberal) Men Day
Feast your eyes on our fabulous liberal men as the women pretend the men are far more fabulous than they are. As IF. Dick Cheney is banned for the evening.
DJ Rocky will blush with false modesty as he plays all your requests. He has already protested having to play "You're so Vain".
Mirrors optional.
The Lonely Yak Roadhouse (New Location)

*Sunday, Jan. 13

11 am
DJ Andi spins the hard beats.
Come wear your baddest, sexiest gear and get apocalyptic with us. EBM and Industrial means you want it.
Conscious Lounge

DJ soli (CL designer/performer/educator) will be on the ones and twos,
spinning a new mix of conscious hip hop, R&B, and electronica. Come feel the chill vibe as your weekend slooooly winds....down. heh.
Conscious Lounge

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