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Friday, January 25, 2008

South Carolina Results and Dancing Liberally

The General's (and friends) SL events for the weekend


6 pm SLT/PST
Dancing Liberally (Romney's Hair Edition)
Wear your biggest hair and compete for prizes as Dancing Liberally salutes Mitt Romney's hair. And what hair it is! Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez (official enemy number 3) may have nuclear weapons and Vogon Battle Cruisers, but by God, he doesn't have hair to match Romney's! As president, Mitt will give us hair hegemony once again (not to mention the boost he'll give the underwear joke industry).
At The Cafe Wellstone


4 pm SLT/PST
South Carolina Primary Results and Discussion
Join us at Wellstone's Donkey to watch and discuss the South Carolina Democratic Primary.

7 pm SLT/PST
It's National No Name-Calling Week at The Lonely Yak, but don't tell the political candidates. DJ Rocky has taken sensitivity training and will kindly play the requests of anyone, no matter how Republican. Except that #$*(&$#*&$ Dick Cheney, of course.


6 pm SLT/PST
Discussion: Evolutionary Psychology and Illusions of Stress in Modern Life
Thothica Discussion Series on "Illusions in modern life; the application of evolutionary psychology to the everyday experience of living."
At Thothica III at Clemson University Dev

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