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Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Slippery Slug of Slutdom

She was a thing most rare:
naked, as God the Slug Maker intended
a lithe and undulating dancer
serene and unspoiled
her body a sacred temple
of the One True Soul
the darker angels distorted her not

Alas, the merchants of filth and divorce aids
did corrupt the guileless lass
and what was sacred fell
debauchery profaned the daughter of God
a harlot revealed, a daughter of Israel
hath turned to whoredom!

This is the path of secularism, Darwinism and fishnet stockingism!

Beware, and turn from the mottled, perfervid (and moist) path of iniquity!


Image of an Innocent and God-fearing Oregon Slug by mjs

Image of a Fallen and Slatternly Slug by Oregon Bea


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