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Sunday, June 22, 2008

God Hates Cedar Rapids

Former Republican congressional candidate Jason Werner tells us why Our Lord and Savior flooded Cedar Rapids, Iowa:

I’ve been blaming the atrocity that occurred to New Orleans by a storm called Katrina on the area’s sin. That city was one of the most corrupt cities I’ve ever toured, even more corrupt than the abomination of a little sodomite parade today in Cleveland.

So I began wondering about Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It’s innocent Iowa. What could possibly be wrong with an area in “God’s country”.

I was going to release this on Monday of last week, but I felt my arrest was bigger news. Anyway, I learned that Cedar Rapids was an absolute city of corruption. There are about 124,000 residents in the actual city. And in Iowa, gambling is legal, wherebythere are 17 casinos. Embryonic stem-cell research is funded. Liberal governors have run the state into the ground for the past 20 years including a former conservative Republican many years ago. Human cloning is legal. Referendums by the citizens are often shot down. Spending for education is the most consistent increase of any issue. The University of Iowa is among the ten best colleges to party in the country. The University of Iowa is very homosexual-oriented. Grinnell is extremely homosexual-oriented. I found five blood alleys in Cedar Rapids. Homosexual organizations are very popular in Cedar Rapids and Des Moines. Prostitution and adult entertainment is actually worse than Cleveland, which has a population of nearly 400,000. There were nearly 100 bars in a radius of one mile although the nearby college is dry.

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