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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dean, Clark to speak in Second Life tonight

Netroots Nation is now underway in Second Life and it's shaping up to be an incredible event. You want to be there, especially this evening when Howard Dean and Wes Clark speak. These guys are the most visible leaders of democratic wing of the Democratic Party. What they say is important.

Dean and Clark are on at 5:30 Pacific Time (8:30 Eastern).

Afterwards, Daily Kos' McJoan, Eschaton's Jay Acroyd, the ubiquitous Cliff Shecter, and I will hold a panel discussion on the points made by Dean and Clark.

I wouldn't be surprised if we fill Netroots Nation Island tonight, so we're opening a number of overflow areas to handle the crowds. One of them is my political site, Wellstone's Donkey (If you're angry because I haven't responded to your emails, that'd be a great place to catch me during the Dean and Clark speeches.)

Once you sign up for Second Life (it, like NN-SL, is free) click on one of the links below to hear the speeches and discussion.

Netroots Nation Island

Overflow sites:
Wellstone's Donkey
InWorld Studios Amphitheater
Commonwealth Island 1
Commonwealth Island 2
Commonwealth Island 3
Commonwealth Island 4

Complete Schedule

NN-SL Website

An event that is not on the schedule and not affiliated with Netroots Nation:

John and Cindy McCain will be "reaching out to the youngsters" at an event called "Soul Train with John McCain" on Friday at 4pm Pacific. It will be held at the McCain booth on Netroots Nation Island (that's near the welcome center).

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