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Thursday, August 21, 2008

High Standards

What the fine aryan men of Strormfront seek in a woman:
Requirments are easy. No non-white kids and no phycological disorders.

Your best bet for a decent women these days if you're in your thirties,forties and fifties might be divorced women. They are out there and many have nice homes paid for.

- She should be a proud racist, anyone who isn't racist really isn't a comrade in the struggle to me.
- Loyal and w/ a strong desire to build a family w/ alot of healthy white beauties for us to enjoy together.
- A sense of toughness, she should be open to learning about guns and becoming moderately proficient w/ them in case I'm ever killed, because it would then be her duty to defend our kids and pass along her knowledge to them.

I've found one like that, but...she has brown eyes with black hair, and I'm searching for blues with blonde hair. I've found one like the latter, but she don't like that I don't like negroes are any other scum so, next for her.

Alos, must not be emotionally needed, I see these dudes with their girlfriends and they have to invest practically the most productive hours of the day outside of work on their damn girls, it is truly ridiculous, do not freakin' bother more than 3 times a week. I'm sorry I have other crap to do and I don't need to hear about insignificant emotional baggage, "my dog died/my grandma died/my parents are getting a divorce/blah blah blah." No ****! dogs die, grand parents are old, your parents are a$$holes, bird's crap on your car after you get it washed, the Man upstairs freakin' hates your a$$ welcome to the valley of tears.

I know what I don't want in a woman: Herpes Simplex type 2, Genital Warts, AIDS, etc., previous interracial relations, excessive number of previous boyfriends... I'll think of more later.

She must be Irish, hate niggers, homos, and all other kinds of filth/scum, honest, and know how to drive a car half-way decent.

I want a woman who is caring and kind, family oriented, self-sufficient, independent, a fighter who knows how to survive, is well versed in firearms, and most importantly, who is honest and trustworthy.

She should plan on shooting towards having 22 children.

I will be content with a WN woman, who happens to live in South Africa. That's all. Otherwise, i will have to look elsewhere, like overseas.

She has to be White and not screw around like the last one.

She must be white,she must be able to cook,wash,clean, sew,darn,carry a case of beer,she must also own a boat and motor.

preferably one that i can share a number of common interests in, is STD free, and is relatively good looking.

You know when an airplane is flying down the run way to take off, they keep the flaps down. Then, at the end of the run way, they raise the flaps, and the plane soars up into the sky. Now, if they had put the flaps up too soon, it would have just slowed down the plane. I kind of view sex the same way.

She can't be a feminist or sympathetic to mexicans. She must be able to shoot pistols, cook, esp for kids, and not be a t.v. absorbing lump on the couch. She wouldn't have to wear high heels, but she should be sexy and like to be on top!

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