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Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Happy New Year from Winnie, Kaye, Orson, and the rest

From my hometown paper:

Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen had a pleasant evening with two of Orson’s high school friends and their wives at their home recently. Betty and Wayne Petersen and Lani and David Braithwaite brought some of their favorite foods to share. “It was just fun having them to chat with for an evening,” Orson says.
Cleo Petit says it’s been wonderfully quiet at her and Gary’s home. When asked if she was ready for Christmas she responded, “Ready or not, here it comes!”
Kaye Draper’s cousin, Robert Gerber came from Smithfield, Utah, to pay her a surprise visit at her apartment. On Wednesday Kaye called bingo at the Liberty Center for about an hour and a half during the day. On Wednesday evening Kaye attended Kareoako where almost everyone sang Christmas songs. On Friday she attended a Christmas luncheon and musical program. She also helped serve. On Sunday Kaye and sisterin-law June Butcher went to Carolyn Bolton’s to celebrate Carolyn’s birthday with the rest of the family.
Boyd Udy helped his family at the cutter races. The teams did well. “They loaded (entered the starting gates) well and fired (raced out of the gates) well,” he says happily. Boyd also adds, “Happy New Year!”
On Saturday Clynn and Winnie relaxed in front of TV sharing their remote to watch the Jazz game and the BYU Cougars at the Las Vegas Bowl.
On Sunday the Thatcher-Penrose II Ward put on a wonderful Christmas program. Winnie sang alto in the choir then came home to help son Lyle and the Greg Lott family catch a young pig and put it in the Richman’s horse trailer for a one-way trip to the Premium Meat Company in Brigham City. Winnie thanks daughter Heather and son Lyle for additional help with chores and watering.
Happy New Year, everyone!

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