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Sunday, March 01, 2009

More schism (and violence and witchcraft too)!

If you're new to Jesus' General, you may need to read a few other posts about Pastor Anderson, Zsuzsanna Anderson, Brother Stucky, and the Faithful Word Baptist Church before reading this.

Helen has more, a lot more, to say about Zsuzsanna:
I am writing this post to let you all know, It hurts when you all decided to dis fellowship with us with out having a clue what has happened to us all, you have no idea how we got kick out and just assumed that Pastor Anderson is PERFECT and never does anything wrong, please remember he is a human being just like you and me, and I have nothing against him at all,
he is soooooooo caught up with his wife nagging him, and in order to get her off his back to stop nagging, he is forced to do all this to us. He even begged her IN THE MEETING AND BEFORE THE WHOLE CHURCH not to bring any of the stuff up after they got home AND MADE HER PROMISE BEFORE US ALL,
Stefeni Wilson (these Wilsons?) wants to kick Helen's ass:
You have threatened me PUBLICLY in front of the whole church AT FWBC BUILDING I will be placing restraining orders against you and all your family, you are so fooled by the witch "ZSUZSA" that you just can not realize right now what has happened to you and how serious that was, it is just too much that you said "you got so violently ill and was throwing up just from reading the post", "Heavenly Wednesday Church Night Service" blog and then you printed it and brought it with you, and got soooooo angry, to the point of coming to FWBC building and intending to attacking me physically !!!!!!!
But don't blame Stefeni, she's under a spell cast by the witch, Zsuzsanna:
My husband felt so bad for you when you left he kept saying "there was something really wrong with Stephine, her face looked scary and disfigured" and hoped you all were going to be OK, I knew you have spoken to her the (WITCH) on the phone or something to get you soooo wound up, BECAUSE BOTH OF YOU AND HER WERE TAKING TURNS WORDING OUT MY POST


We are praying for you all , that you turn to the HOLY SPIRIT TO FREE YOU ALL FROM HER SPELL, and get freed from Zsuzsa's deadly trap.
Did you even ask yourself why she(Zsusza) did not get soooo mad like you and wanted to attack me? why she made you to be the one to deliver her plan? I hope and pray you wake up quickly before doing any harm to your family or anyone out there including us.
We have nothing against Pastor Anderson and we know he is a decent man but we can finally separate her (Zsuzsa) Satanic actions and influence from his ministry and now that she could not use us and control us she managed to pluck us out of the place where God was using us to serve him. We are placing her in his hands because he knows and can do better job of protecting and keeping us from her.


  1. wtf? ya lost me.

  2. Anonymous1:33 AM

    General Sir,

    I believe it may be neccessary, at this time, to mount a covert mission to test The Faithful Word Baptist Church's rye grain stores for possible Ergot fungus infestation.

    Additionally: are there any pictures of the women involved here? If they are sporting bouffant hairdos, that alone would be most telling of the psyche driving this kerfuffle.

  3. You just KNOW that once they get all of 'em in the church basement together, the make-up sex is gonna be fantastic! I hope someone brings a camera...

  4. Every time I read something like this I remember how painful junior high school was for me.

    junior high + god = church

  5. If you've been reading Zsuzsa's blog lately, notice the kindler, gentler Zsuzsa emerging.

    For christ's sakes, she's doing a homegrown lemon giveaway.

  6. Why, whenever I see stories about these people, do I feel like I'm sitting in the middle of a corn field screaming "Malachi!!! MAHHHLLLLAAACCCHHHIIII!!!!"

  7. Schism is fucking entertaining!

  8. General, Sir:

    Cherry says something about Zsuzsa's blog and "squeezin' the lemon"--is that KKKristian behavior? Am I correct in thinking the correct pronunciation of her name is "Doo-Dah"?


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