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Monday, March 09, 2009

What would Janos Kadar do?

One of Pastor Anderson's flock, if not Pastor Anderson, himself, hacks into and steals Helen Edward's blog and puts this up:

By their acts ye shall know them.


  1. General Sir!

    You are so wise to have deduced the solution to the Great Hacking Mystery: It was Teh Faggots, Almost as Bad as Obama who have hacked into Helen's website.

    Those bastards!

  2. What's the Christian word for "trollhacker"? And can we have a vote to nominate new choices for what explains the Edwards' behaviour? Because I've got some good ones, lemme tell ya!

  3. General, Sir:

    First off, as an upfront aside, I gotta say that the comments thing seems to be getting worse day by day. It never takes less than three tries to post a comment. I'm posting this:

    General, Sir:

    Why don't they just miscommunicate all the mofo's who live in that country. The church don't need them or their tith--, whoops, my bad. Cath-O-Licks, as you were.

    here, because I couldn't even get the comments block to open on the post about that evil 9 yo harlot who had her kid's dadpa's baby aborted.

    About the Edwards, well, shit will happen when you speak in tongues.


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