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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Ending love segregation

My inner Frenchman demands that I post Iowa Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal's response to anti-love senator's request to co-sponsor love segregation bill.


  1. Why, no, I will not be oppressing people this week.


  2. I like taking the initiative and framing the argument as the anti-love movement. Momentum is going to steamroll the haters.

  3. Goddamn it! What right do you have to start my day with hope?


  4. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Iowa is gonna fall into the ocean. I hope y'all are happy.

  5. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Excellently well done.

  6. billy-bob-neck:

    I think the Gulf of Mehico is more like it; cuz the South SUCKS, dude!! Whoohoo!!!

  7. So this guy is admitting that his daughter is gay? Ooopsie...did he mean to say that out loud?

  8. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Stand up guy and a stand up daughter. She said it like it is and that's that.

    They have lost, and I am glad.


  9. Anonymous9:07 PM

    I saw this over at that totally gay Americablog, by that totally gay guy, John Aravosis, who’s like, not only gay but, like, Greek too. Which is okay, because I know Greek dudes who are, like, totally not gay. But he is. Gay and Greek, I mean. Totally.

    So, anyways, I saw this over at that gay John Aravosis’s blog, and I watched, like, all two minutes of this guy talking about all this gay stuff, and like, it almost made me cry. Like I was totally gay or something.

  10. Don't worry, the National Organization for Marriage has created all manner of ads to counter this pervasive invasion of love. Granted, they had to hire actors to play doctors and church-goers, but they did it, and they're spreading the hate. . .er. . .word.

  11. Anonymous11:30 PM

    I dunno, Fran. Now that the Iowans made me all gay and stuff, I kinda like it.


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