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Friday, April 03, 2009

The Opinuary Column

The Opinion that getting rid of the Glass-Steagull Act "would be a wonderful idea" died on March 26th, 2009 while on vacation in the Bahamas. The Opinion, born in the 1930s (right after the creation of the Glass-Steagull Act) and fully realized in 1999 when Congress passed and President Clinton signed the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (which nullified GSA and its close friend the Bank Holding Company Act) had been suffering ill health for the past six months.

A private service was held for family and a few friends at Our Mother of Incomprehensible Securitization in Sweaty Palms, Florida. Pall bearers included former President Bill Clinton, Phil "Gitcha" "Gotcha" Gramm, Milton Friedman, Penny Pritzker, magician David Copperfield, Alan Greenspan and a visibly shaken Scrooge McDuck.

The deceased Opinion enjoyed traveling, golf, yachting and hiding. It is survived by the Opinion "The invisible hand of the free market will fix everything" and its cousin "Mine! Mine! Mine!"

In lieu of flowers the family has asked that contributions be made to bankers and insurance agents everywhere.


If you would like to submit an Opinuary (it can be the death of an opinion, idea, meme or pick-up line) please email it to the Jivester: The Opinuarys will appear on Fridays until we run out of dead ideas.



  1. Mr. mjs, Sir:

    "The Opinuarys will appear on Fridays until we run out of dead ideas."

    In other words, you have set yourself up as Opinuarist For Life. You know full well that while we have the GOP we will never run short of dead ideas. Brilliant, just brilliant.

  2. We are slaves to an unseen force, yet we are also paddled by that guy in Seattle. Strange are the ways of this world, dear demo--very, very strange...



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