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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Department of Book Reports: Grand Opening

We'll be having a big party on Sunday, to celebrate our new location next to the General's Cafe Wellstone. We have a lovely custom built store and I've been busy stocking the shelves with clickable books that take you to an order blank.

The party gets started at 6pm, with Nick Northman playing live from Boston. Then at 7:30, we switch over to L.A. and Idella Quandry will take the stage. At 9, Klipe Wirefly comes to us from Michigan with his piano jazz stylings. These are amazing musicians and you don't want to miss this fantastic line-up. Crap Mariner will be storytelling for his podcast isfullofcrap. We are also fortunate to be partnered with Jimbo Hoyer's Virtually Speaking and have the featured author's books for sale. Upcoming inworld events include the August NetrootsNationinSecondLife convention. Now is a great time to get started and we can help get you up to speed as an experienced avatar by then.

I'm working on making a limited edition book that will be available in-world and at the party for just this one evening. I'm not going to mention who the illustrator is, but let's just say he's now hugely successful and was pretty unknown when this volume was published in 1991.

It doesn't take long to download the free software of Second Life and if you send an IM to BookemJackson Streeter, I'll help you get the music going.

In real life news, Janet Brown, author of Tone Deaf in Bangkok (and other places) will be at Elliott Bay Bookstore next Friday, June 5th at 7:30pm. This promises to be a grand home coming as Janet was a bookseller there for several years. We'll be there, and you can order a signed copy from us.


  1. Dear Seattle Tammy:

    Boy, thanks a lot for offering to help with the SL hook-up. I wonder if you could do me a favor. You know that I'm all thumbs about electromechanical shit, so I need a little extra help.

    If you would just pre-load all of the SL software and other good stuff onto a Mac Probook and send it to me overnight air that would be great. I will send you my old laptop (it's a McCulloch Zilliomegagigaturbo gas powered unit that is 24" x 31" x 4" thick--it weighs 238 pounds) and you can donate it to some charity. I'll even let you take the tax deduction! Don't say "thanks!", your favor to me is "thanks" enough.

    I gotta run, no really--I gotta run. There's a couple of guys on my porch wearing suits and holding some papers. I'm pretty sure that they are not mormons or jehovans.

  2. Next Friday -- MAY -- 5th?

    Does May get a do-over?

  3. Thanks, Fran. We were playing with the Way-Back machine when writing the post.

  4. Be there or be square!!!


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