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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Group Blames Jews For Hate Group Designation

Dawn Coslow
Pacifica Forum

Dear Mrs Coslow,

I see the Southern Poverty Law Center is now classifying your organization as a hate group. You had to know it was going to happen. A proud white Christian just can't get a break these days. I mean, hey, you observe Martin Luther King Day with a presentation accusing him of being a commie sexual pervert and celebrate two straight anniversaries of kristallnacht with a presentation blaming the Jews and the next thing you know, people are calling you bigots. It just ain't right.

Your response was a thing of beauty. A lot of other organizations might have toned down the rhetoric a little, but not you. You came back swinging, denying the SPLC's charges of anti-Semitism by asserting that "the Jews" paid them to say it. I bet that left them speechless.

Heterosexually yours in a chaste, but very Aryan, kind of way,

Gen. JC Christian, patriot


  1. General, Sir:

    If that's Dawn in that photograph--she's got lots worse problems than bein' a hater. I mean that's fugly with special circumstances.

  2. Hey, no fair calling us a hate group! We're love-challenged, for goodness' sake!And they were this close to getting a booth at Saturday Market!


  3. Mr. mjs, Sir:

    I think you've hit it! A strategy to allow these folks to have their parties along with the rest of polite society.

    They should buy a piece of land and grow crops on it--with no bad chemicals of any sort--and sell them at the local farmer's market; under the name "Neo-nazi Naturals". 'Cuz even the hate-filled need good nutrition. Hey they could combine cross burnings with b-b-q, I'd buy a ticket for that!

  4. democommie: I can't think of any cross burnings that weren't combined with bbq. Perhaps I have said too much.


  5. That dude in the pic should be more concerned with finding the person/s that stole his neck.

  6. I'm always afraid to click on the links...I'm easily swayed. Just the other day I...never mind, but thanks again for doing for others...

    sheesh. Where's my wallet?

  7. From Professor Orval Etter (shown here fiddling while Eugene burns):

    "If you rub a substantial number of Jews the wrong way, you're anti-Semitic," he told the Intelligence Report. "In that sense, I have to admit that the forum and I, in particular, are anti-Semitic."

  8. Let me get this straight. "If you rub a substantial number of Jews the wrong way, you're anti-Semitic." This guy was a college professor? I wouldn't let him rotate my tires.

  9. The tire rotators of the world resent that remark.

  10. The guy in the graphic looks like the son of an unholy alliance of il Duce and Uncle Fester.

  11. Ah yes Moondancer, the classic facist look, spittle flying, red face and elevated blood pressure, excess carbos in the diet, primarily due to the consumption of beer, white dentures, shaven head, and the choice of earth tones in the dress. We are missing the shoewear shot, which I imagine includes white-laced brown "combat" boots.

  12. Anonymous5:58 PM

    "The dispute ended when [93-year-old forum founder Orval] Etter rose from his wheelchair, Dr. Strangelove style, and adjourned the meeting.”

    General Sir, Just reading between the lines here bit it seems to me that the fine specimen of Aryan manhood in the picture you posted is obviously the product of 20+ years of living in the survival caves. Funny thing though, I'd of thought he'd be whiter by now.


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