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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jesus, the Ultimate Patriot

There's nothing that says "Fourth of July" better than a bleeding Jesus and a reworked beer ad slogan.

The parade float was apparently created by the ├╝berpatriots at The Door Christian Fellowship Ministry in Flagstaff, Arizona. This church was most recently in the news when its founding pastor was suspiciously whisked out of India after terrorists used his computer to announce a bombing in Ahmedabad.

Thanks to Dan. Buy some of his great bumper stickers.


  1. He looks a little bit like Spring-loaded Catapult Jesus™ who was notorious for zooming over the heads of the audience, only to be found face down on the edge of the dragstrip. Or maybe I dreamed it.


  2. General, Sir:

    That is not the fuckin' "True Cross™©®". The "True Cross™©®" is NOT made out of triple-ganged #1 Spruce 2x8's (even if they're clinch nailed on both sides on alternating 16" centers and laminated with gorilla glue. NO EFFIN' WAY, MAN, Sir. The "True Cross" is made out of Lesbian Cedar from the Madtureen Sea. It's just a fact, Sir. I hope that the smart ass who volunteered for this gig know's what he signed on for.


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