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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lou Dobbs's America (It's CNN approved!)

From the now paperless PI:
Prosecutors say that, on July 9, Robert Thomas Wise berated the man as he slept in a Pioneer Square parking lot before kicking him. Alarmed, the drowsy man called police for help.

Arriving just after 4:30 a.m., Seattle officers arrested Wise, 48. In court documents, police say Wise continued to rant against Vietnamese, threatening that he would kill immigrants upon his release from jail.

"He is a guest in this country, and I am the one being apprehended," Wise allegedly said, according to police statements. "I'll be free at the end of the day, and I will still do my American rights, which is (to) annihilate the little cockroaches."


  1. There's a man who knows how to treat his guests! I wonder how many will be coming to his house for Thanksgiving dinner?

  2. Cmon! don't be so sensitive. It's all just a bit of frat-hazing like fun. I bet the Vietnamese guy just wants to be part of the rascist asshole alumni or something.
    Its probably some sort of secret initiation. You know. sleep out in the park one night without getting the crap kicked out of you by a frothing thug, and you can join kinda thing. I think the whole arrest thing has probably reduced the Vietnamese guy's chances. Wise think's he has cheated! Wise said '...That little (slur) will be out forever...' Out of the club!

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  5. The irony of this incident is that we pretty much did the same thing to the Vietnamese when we invaded their country while we expected to be treated as guests.

    I'm sure this would be lost on most Americans since we're exceptional in all things.

  6. Quit wasting your time with all those Attorneys General. Send your correspondence directly to Lou Dobbs.

  7. General, Sir:

    Is this blog something like that shitty little table radio I used to have that picked up all sorts of strange stations from places like Rio de Janehru? You orta sent that fella an invite to join with you in some Greco manly wrasslin'. THAT would take his mind off of that stupid deevorce.


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