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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dip Nation, Rebel Snuff

After watching all those patriotic Obama-hating tobacco chewing videos this weekend, I decided to join their social media site, Dip Nation. Once there I signed up for a group called Join "REBEL SNUFF= NOT FOR YANKEES." Take a look at their comments:

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  1. I hear cancer of the mouth is patriotic. Just a pinch between where the cheek used to be and the mottled slag of putrid flesh known as the gums. I wonder if these boys can dip, shit, piss, puke, snort & inhale all at once (and keep their man panties stain-free). If they were real men they could. Oh yes indeedy.


  2. That is a full metric assload of stupid in those comments.
    (1 assload = 10 shitload = 100 helluvalots)

  3. General, Sir:

    That Chris Williams (@ comment #6) wants everbody else to be jealous. Why else would he put up a picture with him and his lover? Sir, if you buy like, I dunno, twenty-five packs of dip, do you maybe get a coupon that's good for some english lessons?

  4. What the fuck is up with that Brandon and that dirty fucking hippy shit about “yankees can be friends”? Fuck him.

    And that “lets all get a fatty in our lips and chill” is, like, totally fucking hip hop or something.

    Fucking posers.

  5. Anonymous11:49 AM

    DipShit Nation

  6. If Chuck Norris can tell patriotikkk Amerikkkans that they should stain their American flags with tea, then I propose that proud members of the Chaw Nation should show their spirit by modding their Stars 'n' Bars with a bit of dip spit. Reading those patriotikkk kkkomments makes me want to go out a hock a gob on a Confederate flag! Out of pride, of course...


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