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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Guvmint: The New Antichrist

That's what "End Times Watchman" says

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  1. I sorta wish he'd open that garage door so we could offense, but he talks more than a can of beans.


  2. Boy it was funny right up until the crazy cowboy put up the images of the three Pittsburgh cops that were killed by a white supremacist gun nut back in April. One of those officers, Eric Kelly, was freaking OFF DUTY and responded ANYWAY, and now his THREE DAUGHTERS have NO FATHER. God damn these people are idiots!

  3. Not being lucky enough to have a video camera, I had to resort to sending an e-mail to The New World Order about my grievances.

    Come to think of it, I had to send my [War on] Christmas list to Santa by e-mail, too.

    Do you think there is a connection?

  4. I'm lost on this. Take the country back from whom? The voters?

  5. Is this a cry for help or what? This guy wants medication and needs committing for his own safety and the community's. I hope the men in white suits can locate this crazy before he harms someone.

  6. As much as he's a raving loony, I tend to want to understand what drives him to say what he does. His frustration is evident. He's so convinced that his government/new world order is a total sham, that he's prepared to do something about it.

    'Screwed the American people.' 'Taxed to death by you.' etc. In his guns and god-fearing way, he'd like to see the 'them' leave him and his family, and his community alone. He's TOTALLY distrusting of the social umbrella that's supposed to serve him.


    Perhaps he's come to realize that his concerns are irrelevant to the enormous machinery that governs him, seemingly in much the way that a feudal lord was indifferent towards his serfs.

    And in our modern times, this is particularly offensive; while he may not know specifically, he suspects that in the rest of the world, intelligent leadership probably does a better job elsewhere.

    It's for this reason I had to rifle through America's past as I wanted to try 'troubleshoot' this situation, and I keep stumbling over the same problem: the assumptions set out at the Philadelphia Convention of 1787 to this day are the cause of the symptoms seen with this guy.

    How so? I'd suggest that first, the articles of incorporation have some inadvertent(?) implications that no nation-building visionaries would knowingly want ('Life, liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness', coupled with the Second Amendment '..freedom to bear arms - resulting in the awful message 'grab as much as possible, and defend it with deadly force').

    While this is bad enough, 200+ years of government should have been able to fix this. Unfortunately, another questionable product of this conference was the structure of the government. The one they agreed to has proven to be routinely deadlocked and unable to author even modest legislation (let alone overhaul major Constitutional language).

    A major source of irritation to this guy is what he's called 'The New World Order' that he would seem to be suggesting are the intelligentsia, those who have made the plans. He's prepared to deal with them directly (with his gun), because clearly he can't count on them.

    If we assume for a moment that my fanciful conjecture is possibly close to the mark, is it apparent that some very fundamental changes need to happen in America before this guy will willing get in line?

    As before, I'll make my apologies and even discredit my own conclusions. If anything is going to take place in America, it will need to be orchestrated by Americans.

    I can only suggest that it may be time to rise to the occasion.

  7. He's promising a Proscription. There was Sulla's of course, and that of Antonius, Lepidus, and Octavianin 43 AD. The latter's list included 190-300 Senators and some 2,000 equites. The list grew. Anyone killing a listed person could collect a cool 100,000 sestertia. As we know, this solved a lot of problems. The patriot sure knows his Roman history.

  8. You commenters sound just as nutty as this guy.

    He mentions elites view the constitution as a "g.d. piece of paper". It was George W Bush who said that.

    Did you catch at the end he talked about the "elites and their underground cities"? I've never heard a NWO freak talk about that until now.

  9. This brings us back to the age-old problem -- WHO ARE WE SUPPOSED TO SHOOT?!?

    These goddam New World Order people don't wear their ID tags on their necks, goddamit! (Sorry to take Teh Lord's Name in vain twice in the same sentence, but that video has got me fired up with some righteous goddam anger. There I go again...)

    If only they'd wear name tags saying "Hi, my name is Bob and I'm a servant of the NWO, Canarsie branch" then we could just shoot them all and things would be OK. There can't be more than a million or two. If there were more of 'em, I'm sure I'd know a few, but since I'm not acquainted with any, there must be damn few of 'em.

    I'm sure they'd be happy to just stand there and let us shoot them dead. Isn't that what all members of secret agencies bent on world domination do, after all? End Times Watchman has that part all sussed out.

    But noooooo, the NWO minions stay under cover, like sneaky guerrilla fighters or something. Maybe they're waging guerrilla war against US, the loyal citizens! PLAY FAIR, GODDAMIT, YOU NEW WORLD ORDER EVILDOERS!!!

    I guess the only thing to do is shoot a bunch of policemen. That seems to be the suggestion from the news videotapes playing at the top of the screen. (With the TV news and the Springsteen sound-alike playing at the same time as End Times Watchman is ranting, that makes for a sonic overload. Even the voices inside my head aren't usually that loud and chaotic...)

    But I'd rather just shoot the postman. Most days of the week they send around a little old guy on a bicycle, and he looks less likely to fight back. Too bad that down here, it's so hard to get guns. Otherwise, patriots like me would be killing people left and right. But you go first, America!

  10. Oh, wait. Here's the answer to who do we shoot -- or lynch and carve things into their chest, as the case may be: those goddam New World Order goons posing as "census-takers."

    I GOT YOUR CENSUS RIGHT HERE, BUDDY! You might be posing as a mild-mannered 51-year-old high school substitute teacher for your "day job" but I know you're really part of the all-seeing NWO that's scanning my bank records and has a database of my DNA and taps my computer. Your big mistake was when you came around to my house trailer to ask how many inside toilets I had. That's going to cost you yer life, NWO spook!


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