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Friday, September 18, 2009

Troy West's Cousin Comes to His Defense

Earlier today, Rick Sanchez showed a tape of a fine Confederate-American who says he's Cracker Barrel beater Troy West's cousin. Here's the transcript of what he had to say:
I want you to take a look at this guy right here. Go ahead and put him up, Rog. There he is. That's Troy West. He's accused of beating and screaming racial slurs at a woman, a mom, when she asked him to be careful when he pushed the door and almost hit her child, her daughter, her 7-year-old.

This was at a Cracker Barrel restaurant just outside of Atlanta. Well, reporters have been flocking to West's hometown in southern Georgia talking to the locals there. And you're not going to believe what one man who says that he's West's cousin had to say.

This is going to startle you somewhat, take you back. Listen.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If you asked me why he hit the woman, if you ask me, he was provoked. That's my -- I think he was. Now, it might not come out that way, but I have never known Troy to hit anybody.

QUESTION: But does that make it OK?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That's everybody's own deal on that. I mean, I don't know what she done, but if a woman puts herself in a man's shoes, sometimes, I would say yes.


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  1. See, I tole y'all! She asked for it.

  2. Whoa. Imagine the beating a dude would get if he put himself if ladies’ shoes.

  3. "I mean uh I dunno like I'm kinda drunk off my 5th budweiser of the afternoon mane know what I'm sayin' dawg? Get r dun!!!" LOL Pathetic cretins of this calibre do not deserve to walk under the same sun as civilized, educated people. I'm glad he's locked up where he belongs.

  4. CoreyLynxx:

    Unless I'm mistaken Troy West was released on bail the same day he was arrested.

    General, Sir:

    I believe this confirms the hypothesis that, "Yes indeed, these motherfuckers ARE that stupid".

  5. Now if we had a President with any ethics, the federal people would elbow the local yokels aside and prosecute this as an infringement of this woman's rights under the Constitution.

    Well, I won't hold my breathe.

  6. I always try to keep women away from my shoes. It's not that hard, actually. My sneakers smell like mouth-fungus-puke-shit. In a good way of course.


  7. This makes me proud of my state, always out front with the dumb, stupid and racist shit. The shoe fits and they wear it proudly, just imagine trying to live here.

  8. What if her feet are too big for women's shoes?

    If I can't find tennis shoes to fit, I often wear men's shoes. Does this mean I should take up boxing? Or if I'm beaten, the man who beats me is automatically not guilty? And how can someone that tall quickly determine that my shoes were intended for men? The mullet world is more complicated than I thought.

  9. Anonymous11:27 PM

    I have met troy west a few times and used to be his daughters best friend...i have never seen him angry before..this doesnt mean i dont know he has a anger problem..but i believe that woman had to have done something more to have made him so mad..everytime i came to the house he always had a smile on his face and was very nice...just because one man in south georgia did something so awful to one black woman doesnt mean everyone in south georgia is stupid. So if everyone who is blogging and making fun of people then there the bad person..oh and just because we are white and live in the south doesnt mean we are in the kkk...thats soooo retarded. I mean come on..who does that anymore. there are so many black people i know. that are sooo sweet. everyone just needs to stop with the rude remarks and racial comments. maybe this world would be a little bit better if we talked more about the economy then what you think of people!

  10. You're RIGHT, BlondieBlond! That black woman must have aggravated poor ol' Troy because she was guilty of "BWB" (Backtalkingthewhiteman While Black.) Shame on her!

    Because of what you have said, I have the urge to go beat down some black woman who's smaller than I am. They make me mad too. Or at least they used to in the United States. There's not many black people in my part of Australia. The white man exterminated the aboriginals in this state real good in the 1800s, and interbred with the wimmenfolk they didn't kill so much that I can't hardly tell the difference between mixed-bloods and normal people. (Real Aussies can pick 'em out of a crowd, though.)

    But just because colonial settlers were murderers and rapists for a century does not mean that everyone in southern Australia is racist. Just because I'm white and have an urge to smack people whose skin is not as pale as mine does not mean I want to attack koories and myalls. We bash Indians now instead!!!!!

    You are a good best friend, and I don't envy the work you have chosen for yourself, defending poor victimised Troy on the many blogs which have been cruel to him. You are a true blonde. I hope people take your advice and go back to talking about how Obama is turning the economy into socialistic communist fascism.

  11. Anonymous11:01 AM

    As a Southerner and as a Christian, I'd like to see some of you walk in my shoes for a day. We have suffered persecution from the free negro for quite some time now, well over a century according to my maths. Our land and our way of life was stolen from us, yet all we here now a days is talk on reparations for the negro. The uppity negro is a sight to behold and it takes more will power than God has endowed in him sometimes for a strong willed man not to reach back and slap one around ever so often.
    -Rev Paul T Hipple

  12. BlondieBlonde:

    I know 'zackly what you mean. Some of my bestest friends are the world's biggest a-holes, when someone smaller, darker and uppity pushes their buttons. The rest of the time they're just you're ordinary MethOxy 8-ball users--friendly and mostly comatose.

  13. Whoops! Looks like Mr. West is gonna have to interrupt his 15 minutes of fame to raise some defense fund money:

  14. Doesn't Georgia have one of those patriotikkk state laws allowing its citizens to shoot anyone in the street if they feel like their life was threatened? If good ol' Troy Dale had just been packing a pistol, he coulda blowed away that uppity spitter and been hailed as a "2nd Amendment Self-defence Hero" by the National Riflemaker's Assasssination. If a young, small woman with a child launched a hurricane of spittle toward me, I'd be in fear for my very life, fer sher. Maybe Troy Dale's not the tough guy he thinks he is -- using his fists on a woman instead of being a real American and doing it with a gun! Real men don't take half-measures.

  15. Anonymous6:18 AM

    I think everyone, even the blacks know that this stupid sheboon did in fact provoke this. She spit in his face and got her ass beat. Yes, spitting on another human being is considered a felony. What would you have done if someone spit in your face? Let me guess, been civil and walked away right? Gtfo, fu(k the sheboon. Where is Family Services?! They should be taking her kid away from her. No child should have to witness their parent acting like a fool.

  16. Imaweject, thank you for teaching me another term of racial vilification. Here in Oz, we like to "take the Mick" on other people not fortunate enough to be born in God's Own Desert. (Note: that term vilifies the Papist Irish, if you were not aware.) I had no idea that there was such a rich history tar-babying to the word "sheboon."


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