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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The GOP Does a Shout Out To It's Base

I love the new Republican web site. It's about time they put folks from their base on the front page. It just goes to show you how much of an impact the tea parties had.

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  1. You know, the stimulus plan has a couple of billion in it for lead abatement. It's clearly too late for those new GOP recruits, but maybe, just maybe, with the wise use of socialist stimulus money, the children in those communities can avoid the same genetic malformities shown above, caused by eating lead paint.

    **pssst...lead poisoning could also explain the hostile behavior.

  2. General, Sir:

    I went over there. It's still early in Mr. Steeledrivin'Man's blogcareer. His blog and its commenters are unhinged but they are (several of them, anyway) still connected the doorway of reality.

    I copied this comment because, to me, it illustrates the breathtaking logic of today's reptilican party.

    "As a Centrist I support Mitt Romney as POTUS 2012 . Mr. Obama's radical progressive socialist agendas are not good for our sovereignty and liberies . Martin Luther King Jr., a Republican supported the Right to Keep and Bear Arms for self defense . Dr. King did not want firearms to be carried while protesting . Our freedoms of speech and self defense are threated like never before . Mitt Romney is Mr. Economy and he believes America's best days are still ahead of her . Thank You Michael Steele for your courage in honoring your fine mother"

    I really believe nothing says, "i"M a pROud RipubliKKKen!!" with more fervor.


    I wish you hadn't mentioned that lead paint thing. Now they will be fighting against the Liebral Conspiracy To Deprive Them Of Lead.

  3. I still get stuck on 'God-given Liberties'.

    The ascent of man has been an often brutal battle, originally against nature, of which we're a part, then against the many factions among us. The 'profit' we've garnered for our pains are the many progressive relationships we enjoy, that make our lives better.

    We haven't been 'given' anything, not by rulers nor by any flavour of God. It has been earned. What's more, even while we've earned better lives, there's an ongoing cost to maintain that better life. To announce that anyone is categorically entitled to those betterments and liberties, understands nothing of our brutish past.

    We may not have to repeat those many battles (tho' the NRA is unclear on this point), but we DO need to live by the rules of our laws, and always demand greater justice from those who aspire to represent us. There are no God-given rights and liberties: everything is judiciously agreed upon, and we should always strive for greater fairness.

    .. ok, I'll get off the soapbox now...

  4. If lead-lined aqueducts were good enough for the decline of the Roman empire, lead paint is good enough for the decline of the American one, God-dammit.

  5. I think lead-lined crack pipes would be a good way to make the Empire decline!

  6. Bukko in Australia:

    Why not just go whole hog and mix lead in with the crack? It worked really well for the petroleum industry until they fuckin' liebrals made 'em change the formula. The reptilicracKKKers will still be homicidal, but they won't "ping".

  7. oct 14th. LAZ closes @ 42.77

  8. i need everyone here to write an essay for ME, by tomorrow. 1000 words ( no more, no less )

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  9. omg!.. you seriously need to take down my post above people will find out what a genius i am!!.. i would be on billboards everywhere! i can't have that! OMG!!

    golly.. if i knew your names i would call you..omg..but this is THE BEST I CAN DO!! =))

    SAVE THE c-17 !!

  10. Demo, the trouble with adding lead directly to the crack is that it increases the product's weight without adding any beneficial effects. And since crack is sold by weight at the wholesale level, this would not be popular with the capitalist entrepreneurs in that trade.

    It's kinda like when the butcher puts his thumb on the scale. Only when Mr. Carnale the butcher does that to Mrs. O'Reilley who came for a 1-kilo lamb rump to roast for Sunday dinner, she's not going to whip out a flick-knife and plunge it into his left eyeball.

  11. Couldn't let Joe Visionary's comment go without passing...

    Joe: You say teleonomy, I say teleology...let's call the whole thing off.


    A supporter of the U.S. Declaration of Independence, including the shorthand of referring to human rights as "endowed by the Creator", instead of "existential by the ontologies of human self-awareness". fnord.

  12. Good show, Vallor. Thank you.

    I can leave the whole question of teleonomy and teleology (nominally the difference between nature and divine intervention) aside, because I find that perhaps the real confusion in the American experiment comes into play with the Creators of America, and the Creator (God).

    While the Constitution and the Declaration were the result of the Philadelphia Convention, and not ordained by God like the Ten Commandments, it would seem that too many Americans implicitly assume that these documents WERE divinely authored. Consequently even suggesting that there may be something wrong with these documents brings out either panic or incredulity, or both.

    The error I see, and is implicitly manifest in the American mind, comes from snippets of these documents: the constitutional priority of 'Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness', and 'the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed'. Together, these edicts have had the cumulative effect of directing Americans to grab as much as possible, and defend yourself (and your winnings) with deadly force.

    If this wasn't enough in itself, the confusion I first mention (that of the creators of America, and God the Creator), has the less discerning in America envisioning Christ with a gun. If I may be so presumptuous, I'd suggest that the man known for His love for humanity would NEVER have anything to do with a machine designed to destroy people.

    I'm still a student in this matter, however, and not too proud to be corrected.


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