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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Honoring our Deferment Veterans

A veteran disrespects someone who chose to fight the Vietcong by getting a deferment so he could give pro-war speeches to Young Republicans.

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  1. that's seriously hilarious. so tancredo's afraid to fight...EVER.

  2. General, Sir:

    When I see Tom Tancredo I think, "Yeah, he's got a purty mouth, but can he fight?".

  3. ... I guess his feeling got mussed up...

  4. The GOP battle cry: "RUN AWAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!"

  5. I've seen that one a few times now... it just doesn't get old. Not yet, at least....

    I'd kick in, but I'm Canadian, and if I'm going to put skin in the fight we've got big ones up here that need to be dealt with (c.f.- Stephen Harper).

  6. @iLarynx: No, the GOP's battle cry is "After youooooo!!!!!"

  7. Anonymous6:42 PM

    @Polyorchnid Octopunch: It doesn't does it?

    It's like the GOP is so confident in this propaganda work (the Democrats must fail in passing any Bill else pass a failure of a Bill) that when a deflection strikes the VA complaints---when we're trying to obsolete the very defect within VAffairs hospitals!---to reply with a "straight-up" 'Fuck You.' was too confusing...and, after telling us what to think, then he Peace-s Off on outta there! LULZ

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  9. Anonymous1:26 PM

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    Jesus, you are too god-damned beautiful for that crap.

  10. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Sorry, crakajack. :)

  11. Just rode honor guard for a young marine who was KIA Saturday. Brought him home, for his last time. I truly doubt any of my fellow citizens who got those deferments would understand, but I am very proud to be from a family and brotherhood of warriors!


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