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Sunday, December 20, 2009

John Boehner targeted in Health Care Bill

The patriot, LibertyRant, is tweeting about tanning tax reparations in health care bill:
Why doesn't President Obama speak out against the tanning tax, which targets white people?

Imagine if Harry Reid wanted to impose a new tax on hair straighteners and bleaching creams…

@iDefendFreedom people who really want tans will pay the tax, but they will ALL be white people: the tax is racemongering!

I'm not going to shut up about this! Harry Reid wants to tax white people

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  1. Curse that Osama! He's already as brown as he wants to be. And he hates white people SO MUCH that he wants to make it harder for them to get not-white. I'm not sure how that makes logical sense, but I don't care, because if it makes me curse Barry Hussein, then it must be right!

  2. I love it where he says, “I’m not going to shut up about this!” Good God, man, whatever you do, please do not shut up about this!

  3. yup, what Councillor Von Ebers said - shine on you crazy diamond

  4. Is this for real?
    I know Boner is teh stoopid, but c'mon man!
    Is this, like, for real?


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