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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Things we could learn from the Irish Parliament

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  1. Even our Lord Darth Cheney, on the Senate floor, told that commie pinko wuss Senator Leahy to go fuck himself. Truly, we should follow these excellent examples - at Tea Parties, and at Town Hall meetings, for example.

  2. Well, that young feller has two things that Harry Reid lacks; a fine Irish brogue and a fucking spine.

  3. I would like to foward his Celtic greeting to the esteemed members of our Congressional, Executive and Judicial branches of government. With all due respect, natch.


  4. The new political dictionary that has yet to be written defines "with all due respect" as the same thing as what Paul Gogarty told some of his colleagues in the Irish Parliament. It would certainly make the Meet the Press Gang more interesting if we dispensed with the 'due respect' euphemism:

    Rachel Maddow: "Fuck you, Sen. Coburn -- you've got your head so far up your ass you're tasting yesterday's dinner!"

    David Gregory: "Uh, I rather you didn't use the word 'ass' on this serious political show, Rachel."

  5. I'm with demo; a spine is a wonderful thing...


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