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Monday, February 01, 2010

Taking on the "Climate Alarmists"

Rep. Kerry W. Gibson
Utah House of Representatives

Dear Rep Gibson,

As an admirer of the oil industry and the humble, god-fearing CEOs who lead it, I want to thank you for taking on the sciencislamunistofascists with your resolution on global warming.

I particularly enjoyed the part where the resolution calls them, "climate alarmists," and accuses them of committing a "climate data conspiracy." I suspect a real climate expert like Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter must have helped out with the language--it sounds that authoritative.

I also enjoyed the part where you accused the seditious scientists of "manipulating or pressuring peer-reviewed publications to keep contrary or competing scientific viewpoints and findings on global warming from being reviewed and published." It's no wonder none of our researchers allow their work to be peer reviewed--the bastards will just tear it apart.

And then there's the part that says "federal government grants may have influenced the climate research focus and 54 findings that have produced a "scientific consensus" at research institutions and universities." Of course that's the case. The oil industry can't compete with that kind of funding. It's far too busy researching new ways to store money.

I hope you're planning to sponsor other resolutions like this one. We need to hit sciencislamunistofacism on every front. They've gotten away with dismissing anything faith-based for far too long. It's time the government forced scientists to admit that Native Americans are Jews, how underwear can save lives, and that God lives on a planet in Kolob's solar system.

You have the power to make it happen.

Heterosexually yours,

Gen. JC Christian, patriot

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  1. I've got a Climate Alarmist Clock next to my bed. The instructions say that by tapping the snooze bar I can have another 100 years of CO2 emissions. I've already hit it twice and it's only Monday!


  2. After Rep. Gibson gets riddadem climate change alarmists, then he can go after those "Earth rotates around the Sun" alarmists too. I mean, you can see plain as day that the Sun goes across the sky instead of vice versa (except here in Canuckrainia, where it's always cloudy.) And "Sun going around the Earth" is in The Bible, fergawdsake! God said it; I believe it, and anybody who says different is in service to The Devil. Go get 'em, Kerry!

  3. I believe that holy father Colbert said it correctly when he said, "There is no climate. There is only liberal weather."

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  5. Who needs science and research when we have bible thumpin republicans to tell us whats real?


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