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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Republican Jesus on the Criminalization of the White Man's Burden

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  1. And General, don't forget that our Lord Jebus said 'Let the children come to me'

    apparently, the new American version adds: 'preferably without traceable documentation, quickly - before any of their legitimate relatives can locate and claim them'!

    Oh, the works that are done in the name of our Lord. May He reward these tireless workers in proportion to their Great Deed Done in His Name.

  2. And they were SO close to becoming white! Those Utah Baptists woulda scrubbed all the SonofHamstain right off 'em...

  3. I am so delighted after seeing this picture in this post

  4. What's cool about this style of improvisational adoption is you can try it just about anywhere. Blow up a trash can at a rest stop and then grab a toddler as quick as possible, or go to a grocery story and knock over a display of canned beans--the clattering makes for a perfect diversion, allowing you to start swooping up rug rats like nobody's business (which it isn't, in case somebody questions you). All you have to do next is bring home the Baptist bacon!

    It's called a "plan" people. Get off the sidelines and into the game!


  5. General, Sir:

    Those Baptisticalists were just doin' GOD's work. He ain't got time--what with battlin' teh GAY in the military ranks and keepin' sortabrowns and liebrals outta the TexAss social studies classes--to go out and rescue allathem "mudslide babies". 'sides them kids was all sickly with rickets and diarreah and leprosy and such--or so I've heard--and it would have been a heinous crime to give some money or food to the people that were trying to take care of them. Just think; they coulda gone to Utah, thus %age points.

    Mr. mjs, Sir:

    That's a great idea with the canned goods. It's always worked for me when I was foraging for the troops at the Grab'n'Go. I usually wear my Pope outfit when I'm doin' that sort of thing--lessen I'm in Okloma, then I dress up like Orally Roberts.

  6. fucking Son of Haloscan. Shoulda been.

    " Just think; they coulda gone to Utah, thus raising the population of blacks in Utah, byu several %age points."

  7. The natural offshoot of an attitude that thinks that adoption is the answer to everything.

    Hell, even without this mess, in a legitimate adoption process, kids (especially kids of a different ethnicity of their adoptive parents) face a lifetime of identity and separation issues.

    But I guess we can't be bothered with empowering impoverished women.

  8. What a shame. Those people were merely trying to do The Lord's Work and look what happened. We are truly in the End Times.


We'll try dumping haloscan and see how it works.